Using Technology in Education Setting Essay

The fast paced of technological growth encourages everyone to use different types of technology whenever necessary. As a result, this also calls for educational institutions and teachers to apply curriculum, teaching and examination with the use of technology.

More than the usage of these solutions to technology-related courses that generally require the use of which will, it is has turned into a trend today to integrate the employment and learning of technology in many exercises. Admittedly, applying technology in educational setting enhances the setup of programs and instructions. In a research paper shown by Wayne Pellegrino (2006), he explained that there are ways in which technology assist in the look and delivery of successful learning surroundings (p.

3). This individual stated in his research that for the past years there have been various measures and theories which were formulated pertaining to educational capabilities, however many of which were not really properly implemented or employed because they were not very easily understood or perhaps packaged in accessible methods. With this kind of shortcoming in implementing these kinds of methods, this individual stated that using technology can help treat the issue.

This individual stated an illustration how this could be so: By building statistical models into technology-based learning environments for use in classrooms, educators can give more complex jobs, capture and replay students’ performances, share exemplars of competent functionality, and in the procedure gain crucial information about students’ competence. Unquestionably, computer and communications technologies are making that possible to produce powerful learning environments and simultaneously evaluate what learners are learning at very fine levels of detail, with vivid ruse of real-life situations and in ways that are tightly built-in with teaching (p. 11).

Given Pelligrino’s assessment, it is really necessary to employ technology nowadays in this trend of educational teaching and setup of curriculum. Technology as an Aid to Instruction During classes, technical advancement has proven their particular worth while aids in a much more effective instruction to college students. Technologies like audio-visual demonstrations primarily support students to not forget and preserve their lessons in mind.

Technology, undoubtedly, actually reaches out to different kinds of students with consideration to multiple intelligences. Visual college students are more likely to study when they discover visual assists while others can learn more successfully when they hear their lessons. Technologies likewise aids in the educator’s creativeness in the demonstration of their lessons. Gadgets just like multimedia projectors, televisions and radio will help educators offer their learners a peek of the truth of what they are telling to the students. When before, pupils have to think about the details of their lessons; right now, they can see examples of which usually.

In the field technological research, most importantly, technologies include continuously aided researchers in their search for more complex being and also the simplest issues in the realm of living and nonliving things. Therefore , technology can be more related to educational setting if it is use to enhance the more effective and useful learning of students to curriculum and instruction. Nowadays, the examination of subjects will be much easier with the use of technology.

Reference Pellegrino, J. T. (2006). Rethinking and Upgrading Curriculum, Training and Programs: What Contemporary Research and Theory Implies. National Focus on Education and Economy

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