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English Dialect and Literature (Specification B) Unit a few Talk in Life and Materials 9. 00 am to 11. 00 am Thurs 24 June 2010 In this paper you’ll want: l a 12-page answer book. ELLB3 Time allowed l 2 hours Instructions Use black tattoo or dark-colored ball-point dog pen. l Write the information needed on the front side of your solution book.

The Examining Body system for this daily news is AQA. The Daily news Reference is definitely ELLB3. d Answer 1 question from Section A and Issue 5 by Section W. l Carry out all rough work in the answer publication. Cross through any function that you do not want to be marked. m Information The texts recommended for this paper may not be used into the examination room. t The maximum draw for this newspaper is ninety six. l All questions carry the same marks. l You will be marked on your capacity to: employ good English organise information plainly use specialist language where ideal. l d Advice You are suggested to spend one hour on Section A and one hour upon Section B, including preparing.

H/Jun10/ELLB3 ELLB3 2 Section A Talk in every area of your life and Literature Answer a single question coming from Section A and Question 5 in Section N (printed on page 10). The set plays for this unit are Hamlet, The Rivals, A Streetcar Named Desire and Goedkoop. Read the passage from the play you have analyzed and solution the question related to it. NB: the queries are different on each of your play.

Possibly Question you 0 you Hamlet William Shakespeare Check out the ways through which Shakespeare presents the concept of the falseness with this passage. In your answer you need to consider the way the playwright uses literary, linguistic and rhetorical devices and conventions to produce specific remarkable effects. Where is Polonius?

In paradise. Send thither to see. Should your messenger get him not really there, look for him i’th’other place yourself. But if without a doubt you find him not in this particular month, you shall nostril him as you go up the stairs into the foyer. king (to attendants) Go seek him there. hamlet ‘A will remain till you come.

Exeunt attendants king hamlet ruler Hamlet, this kind of deed, intended for thine especial safety, Which in turn we do tender even as we dearly cry For that which in turn thou hast done, must send thee hence With fiery quickness. Therefore put together thyself. The bark is usually ready plus the wind at help, Th’associates tend, and everything is usually bent To get England. amlet For Britain? king Ay, Hamlet. hamlet Good. ruler So could it be, if thou knewest each of our purposes. hamlet I see a cherub that sees all of them. But come, for Great britain! Farewell, special mother. california king Thy caring father, Hamlet. hamlet My own mother.

Parents is person and wife; man and wife is one flesh; and so, my mother. Come, Exit for England! california king Follow him at ft .. Tempt him with acceleration aboard. Postpone it not. I’ll have him hence tonite.

Away! Intended for everything can be sealed and done That else leans on the affair. Pray you choose haste.

Exeunt all but the King H/Jun10/ELLB3 3 And, England, in the event that my love thou holdest in aught As my great power thereof can provide thee perception, Since however thy empreinte looks uncooked and reddish After the Danish sword, and thy free awe Pays off homage to us thou mayst not coolly set The sovereign method, which imports at full, By words congruing to that particular effect, The current death of Hamlet. Undertake it, England. To get like the busy in my blood he grand, And thou must treatment me. Right up until I know ’tis done, Howe’er my haps, my wonders were ne’er begun. Leave Turn over for the next question Start H/Jun10/ELLB3 U oR Question 2 zero 2 The Rivals Richard Brinsley Sheridan Check out the ways in which Sheridan presents father-son relationships in this passing.

In your answer you must consider how the playwright uses fictional, linguistic and rhetorical devices and conferences to create specific dramatic effects. sir anthony And it is my wish, when yet I actually live, to have my youngster make a lot of figure in the earth. I have settled, therefore , to solve you at the same time in a commendable independence. Friend, your closeness overpowers me personally.

Such generosity makes the honor of explanation more exciting than the feelings even of filial passion. I was glad you are so practical of my personal attention; therefore you shall be grasp of a large house in a few weeks. Let my future life, sir, speak my honor: I cannot share the feeling I have of your munificence. However, sir, I presume you would probably not want me to give up the military services? O, that shall be or if you wife decides.

My wife, sir! Ay, ay, settle that between you; settle that between you. A better half, sir, did you state? Ay, a wife. How come did not I point out her just before? Not a term of her, sir. Odso! I mustn’t forget her though. Certainly, Jack, the independence I had been talking of is by a marriage. The fortune is saddled which has a wife but I suppose that makes no difference? Sir! Sir! You amaze myself! Why, what the devil’s the matter with the trick? Just now you were most gratitude and duty. I was, sir: you talked in my opinion of self-reliance and a fortune, but not anything of a partner. Why what difference really does that make? Od’s life, friend!

If you have the estate, you should take this with the animals on it, since it stands. total sir anthony absolute sir anthony absolute sir anthony absolute friend anthony total sir anthony absolute sir anthony total sir anthony H/Jun10/ELLB3 a few absolute If my pleasure is to be the retail price, I must plead leave to decline the purchase. Hope, sir, who is the lady? What’s that to you, sir?

Arrive, give me the promise to love and also to marry her directly. Sure, sir, this may not be very reasonable, to summon my own affections for the lady I realize nothing of! sir anthony absolute friend anthony I am sure, sir, ’tis more unreasonable in you to target to a lady you know practically nothing of. Then simply, sir, I must tell you obviously, that my own inclinations will be fixed upon another.

Sir, my cardiovascular system is engaged to an angel. absolute friend anthony In that case pray let it send an excuse. It is very my apologies but organization prevents its waiting on her behalf. But my personal vows are pledged to her. Let her foreclose, Plug; let her foreclose.

They may be not well worth redeeming. Besides, you have the angel’s vows in exchange, I suppose; so there could be no reduction there. You should excuse me, friend, if I tell you, once for any, that in this point I am unable to obey you. Hark’ee Plug. I have noticed you for a long time with persistence.

I have been amazing, quite awesome; but take care. You know My spouse and i am complying itself while i am certainly not thwarted; no-one more easily led when I include my own approach yet don’t set me in a frenzy! Friend, I must do it again: in this, I cannot obey you! Now, darn me, if ever I contact you Jack port again when i live! overall sir anthony absolute sir anthony complete sir anthony Turn over for question Turn over H/Jun10/ELLB3 U 6 oR Question three or more 0 three or more A Streetcar Named Desire Tennessee Williams Check out the ways in which Williams shows the relationship between your sisters in this passage. In your answer you should consider how a playwright uses literary, linguistic and rhetorical devices and conventions to create specific dramatic effects.

This extract can be not reproduced here as a result of third-party copyright laws constraints. H/Jun10/ELLB3 Turn over for the next question Turn over H/Jun10/ELLB3 U oR Query 4 0 4 Goedkoop Brian Friel Check out the ways in which Friel presents love and courtship through this passage. Inside your answer you have to consider how a playwright uses literary, linguistic and rhetorical devices and conventions to create specific dramatic effects. Yolland Maire.

She still techniques away. Maire Chatach. Your woman still moves away.

Bun na hAbhann? (He according to the name gently, almost independently, very tentatively, as if he were looking for a sound she might respond to. He tries once again. ) Druim Dubh? Maire stops. She is listening. Yolland is encouraged.

Poll na gCaorach. Lis Maol. Maire converts towards him. Lis mhh nGall. Maire Lis na nGradh. They are now facing the other person and begin shifting almost imperceptibly towards one other. Carraig a great Phoill. Yolland Carraig mhh Ri. Loch na nEan. Maire Loch an Iubhair. Machaire Buidhe. Yolland Machaire Mor. Cnoc na Mona. Maire Cnoc na nGabhar. Yolland Mullach. Maire Interface. Yolland Durchgang. Maire Lag. She retains out her hands to Yolland. He takes them. Each now speaks nearly to himself/herself. Yolland I wish to God you might understand me personally. Maire Smooth hands; a gentleman’s hands.

Yolland Mainly because if you can understand me personally I could tell you how I use my times either considering you or gazing up at your home in the wish that you’ll appear actually for a second. Maire Each night you walk by yourself over the Tra Bhan and every morning hours you wash yourself in front of your tent. H/Jun10/ELLB3 9 Yolland We would tell you how beautiful you are, curlyheaded Maire.

I would so prefer to tell you just how beautiful you are. Maire Your hands are long and thin and the epidermis on your shoulder muscles is very white-colored. Yolland I would tell you Maire Don’t stop I know what you’re declaring. Yolland I would tell you the way i want to be here to live here always with you always, usually. Maire Always’?

What is that word always’? Yolland Yes-yes; always. Maire You’re trembling. Yolland Yes, I’m trembling due to you.

Maire I’m moving, too. (She holds his face in her hand. ) Yolland I’ve made up my mind Maire Shhhh. Yolland I’m not going to keep here Maire Shhh tune in to me. I need you, too, soldier. Yolland Don’t prevent I realize what you’re saying.

Maire I want to experience you anywhere anywhere in any way often usually. Yolland Always’? What is that word always’? Maire Take me away along, George.

End of Section A Turn over for Section B Turn over H/Jun10/ELLB3 U 10 Section B Talk is obviously and Literary works Question five 0 5 Text A is a great extract from Educating Rita (190), a play simply by Willy Russell set in a northern school. Frank is known as a middle-aged lecturer, and Rita his Available University student. This wounderful woman has just had an angry quarrel with her husband, whom despises her longing for a college degree.

She is restless to know what Frank considers her dissertation on Macbeth. Text B is part of a transcription of a university or college tutorial. The tutor can be discussing Julie’s essay with her. Compare the two text messages, commenting around the ways in which they will reflect the differences and commonalities between talk in life and talk in literature. In your answer you must explore the relationship between context, purpose and audience plus the ways in which speakers’ attitudes and values will be conveyed.

End of Concerns H/Jun10/ELLB3 10 Text A (breaking from him): It’s all right I’ll become O. T. Just give us a minute. (She dries her eyes. ) What was me personally Macbeth essay like. honest: Oh grass Macbeth. rita: Why? honest: Rita! rita: No, seriously, come on, I want y’ to tell me what y’ contemplated it. get ranking: In the circumstances rita (going and hanging her bag for the back of the swivel chair): It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t; in the circumstances I need to go on, to talk about it an’ do it. The fact that was it like. I told y’ it was no good. Is it really useless? frank sits in the couch. frank (sighing): I I really don’t know what to express. rita: Very well try an’ think of somethin’. Go on.

I actually don’t head if y’ tell me it had been rubbish. My spouse and i don’t want pity, Honest. Was this rubbish? honest: No, no . It’s certainly not rubbish.

It’s a totally genuine, passionate accounts of your reaction to a perform. It’s a great unashamedly psychological statement about a certain knowledge. ita: Impresionable? frank: Number It’s too honest for that. It’s practically erm shifting.

But in conditions of what you’re requesting me to teach you of passing exams Wow, God, you observe, I don’t rita: Say that, go on, state it! honest: In those terms it’s worthless. This shouldn’t be, but it is; in its individual terms it’s it’s wonderful. rita (confronting him across the desk): It’s useless! You stated.

An’ in the event it’s useless you’ve have to tell me mainly because I wanna write documents like these on there. (She points to the essays on the desk. ) I wanna know, an’ pass exams like they certainly. frank: When you’re going to write this sort of stuff you’re going to need to change. ita: All right. Tell me how to get it done. frank (getting up): Yet I don’t know easily want to see you, Rita, I don’t know that I wish to teach you. (He moves towards desk. ) What you curently have is valuable. rita: Useful? What’s useful?

The only thing I actually value is here now, comin’ right here once a week. frank: But , don’t you see, if perhaps you’re gonna write this kind of thing (He indicates the load of documents. ) to pass examinations, you’re going to have to reduce, perhaps even abandon your uniqueness. I’m gonna have to alter you. rita: But don’t you realize, I have to change!

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