Leadership and Human Behavior Essay

Like a leader, you need to interact with the followers, peers, seniors, and others; whose support you need to be able to accomplish your goals. To gain their support, you need to be able to figure out and inspire them.

To comprehend and motivate people, would need to know human nature. Being human is the prevalent qualities of all human beings. Persons behave in accordance to certain principles of human nature. Human being needs is surely an important component to human nature.

Values, beliefs, and customs differ from country to country and even within group to group, but in general, all people have a few basic needs. As a innovator you must understand these demands because they might be powerful motivators. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Requirements Unlike others researchers in the earlier days of mindset, Abraham Maslow’s based his theory of human requires on creative people who applied all their skillsets, potential, and capabilities (Bootzin, Loftus, Zajonc, Hall, 1983).

His method differed from most other internal researchers at that time in that these kinds of researchers generally observed emotionally unhealthy people. Maslow (1970) felt that human needs were set up in a hierarchical order that may be divided into two major teams: basic needs and metaneeds (higher buy needs): * Basic Requires are physical, such as foodstuff, water, and sleep; and psychological, just like affection, security, and self-esteem. These standard needs are usually called deficiency needs because if they are not met simply by an individual, after that that person can strive to from the deficiency.

5. Metaneeds or being demands (growth needs). These include proper rights, goodness, splendor, order, unanimity, etc . Basic needs normally take priority over these meta needs.

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