Reaction paper Essay

Previous summer term, in relation to the subject Organization Policy and Strategy, the professor necessary our class to attend a seminar about the applications being organised by a nongovernment organization, which can be the Development Action for Women Network (DAWN).

In the beginning, I don’t even realize that an organization such as this exists and i also don’t have any thought on what is it all about, or precisely what are the activities it truly is engaged in to. Before going to the seminar’s venue, I had a presumption that it will be about how to develop a fantastic business strategy, or some sort of an inspiring presentation from somebody successful. Upon arriving at the venue, I’m quite disappointed because the seminar is almost midway through. I actually already experienced the mindset that I wouldn’t learn whatever from it because, as well as the fact that i was late, we were also had no choice but to consider the car seats at the previous rows of the venue.

But , when the audio said something special in the Philippine women and their particular half-Japanese, half-Filipino children, it stirred my personal curiosity and tried very hard to listen, to concentrate and also to cope-up while using talk. And that’s once i have learned what DAWN is focused on. Based on the speeches of these people involved with DAWN, their very own main advocacy is to support promote human rights and welfare, particularly of those Filipino women who moved in Asia and their Japanese-Filipino children.

I used to be disturbed by the specificity of their objective, After all, why to get Filipino girls that migrated in Japan only? Then, I actually came to recognize that maltreated and violated Filipinas from Japan are very common, so why not? I actually became in learning more regarding DAWN since their vision and quests are inclined to the promotion of equality among men and women as well as the protection of girls rights pertaining to the enhancement of their family members. Of course , this is a very important matter for a girl like me.

I was also astonished by the number of programs they have to offer services with their clients, like providing wellness assistance, legal and paralegal assistance, educational assistance, temporary shelter, medical case management services, and even air/travel assistance. But a lot more than these courses, the audio speakers also stated about their alternative activities that would provide long-term assist to their clientele. These are the choice livelihood applications they’re implementing, like the Sikap Buhay (SIKHAY) and the START Multipurpose Cooperative Inc. Through these, their very own clients may start rebuilding all their lives, and at the same time regain their sense of dignity and self-worth through participating positively in effective activities.

One of the speakers also mentioned that DAWN also provides further assistance to interested women customers in acquiring new skills that are apt to the changing times, including hands-on computer training. These helpful applications show that DAWN is absolutely willing and is also committed in assisting their clientele. So , I believe, that was your seminar is about – to tell us about DAWN and its undertakings also to encourage all of us to support, of course, if possible, to participate in their activities.

But the main aim of this newspaper is to be capable of relate what we’ve discovered in the stated seminar to the subject, Business Policy and Strategy. So , the question is, how can we add a good business strategy in to DAWN’s activities? I can find many feasible ways. Great business technique is to use their particular advocacy to promote possible profit-oriented programs.

The usage of ideals or perhaps principles that promote, for instance , human rights, will boost the image of a firm, and will in return, may appeal to investors, sponsors, or even clients. Another technique is to build a separate part or a organization that will provide the same applications (i. at the., training, counselling) to other group of people which has the capability to purchase such providers. They have an edge because they already have experience and therefore are already regarded in rendering those sorts of services. One other strategy is to use their network groups to promote their likely “profit-oriented” activities.

Since they have developed and maintained strong cordons with their fellow NGOs and also to some government agencies, they can apply it to have better access to methods and to the industry. And besides, their romance with the additional organizations as well adds to the believability of the organization. Finally, one other strategy i can think of is the right utilization of their research and development facilities to be able to grow and improve the business. This is also a possibility and may likewise provide an advantage mainly because DAWN has established an extensive network with study institutions intended for ready access to vital analysis findings along with immediate response to needs for other areas intended for research.

It is an edge more than their competition who don’t have established interactions with research institutions. And that is how I begin to see the relationship among DAWN and business strategy. I as a result conclude that no matter what your occupation is, generally there can regularly be a good approach available for you to have edge over the others.

All you have to do is to utilize whatever you have and stay the best in it, just like what DAYBREAK is doing.

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