Ways Groups of People Are Identified Essay

1 . Exactly what some of the techniques groups of people are identified? There are many ways that someone can be recognized but the 4 criteria intended for classifying group groups will be race, ethnicity, religion, and gender. Contest is mainly dependant upon the color of someone’s skin area, hair (in some occasions eyes), height, and bone structure with the human body: big head, filter eyes, extra tall short. Racial is determined by to were raised and what cultural habits.

Religion and is determined by what your beliefs and religious group you really are a part of. Male or female is determined easily enough but it does matters if you are male or female pertaining to the fact that every is treated differently. Males seem to get it easy more often than not and female are always cured as though they are really weaker.

These types of four criteria’s are the main ones yet there are so many more such as age, disability status, physical appearance, and sexual alignment they all are used to group people. There is always one more factor that is certainly sometimes above looked that is certainly our appearance; skinny, body fat and even whatever we wear happen to be we very well dressed and clean at all times or are we all in regular day to day outfits or are we dressed in cloths torn, cut and dirty clothing. Likewise there is the cash factor simply how much does a single have or don’t have to many persons the money component matters many people like to be aware that they understand people with funds.

Are these individuals wealthy with an increase of money than they will just about every need or do they just have enough or do they struggle or worse yet do that they not have nearly anything leaving these people going from home to home or street to street or going to authorities and privet programs to get help. installment payments on your Why do people labeled and group other people? I possess thought about this question and it helped me realize that in addition to people packaging and group other people yet we likewise label ourselves putting themselves in categories that make sure you us. Plus it gives all of us our sense of belonging to something that most of the people “need” to feel.

Returning to the question; I think it really is something that many of us do if we realize it or not. Labeling and grouping help people to determine who we should or who have we should not really interact with. It helps people and often it does only the opposite and destroys persons it’s like having a power a capacity to have some control of other people.

I am able to almost notice it in another period a man running through the roads with a labeled machine putting labels upon everyone’s your forehead yelling “You are who I say you are! ” Scary thought! We constantly label people in a negative light because of difference of opinion because of religion, politics view, sex preference, raising a child method alla t?nkbara sj?kl?der we do it, even children do this in fact it is not performed intentionally these people were not trained this, too me it seems like it is a defense device keeping themselves even ourselves safe from that which we may consider to be harmful. In the end individuals are just that “people” we are nothing at all more and nothing less.

People label others either to feel stimulated or to reward someone but also in the end our company is Human Beings that is certainly it. We might think and act in a different way but we are what we are and if people could only except that then your future might not ever have to endure the positive and mainly the negative effects that are included with being labeled and tossed into a group that was thought up by others. Resources Schaefer, R. Capital t. (2012). (Ch.

1 & 2) Ethnic and cultural groups (13th ed. ). Upper Saddle River, NJ-NEW JERSEY: Pearson Prentice Hall.

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