Human nature Essay

Human nature provides always emphasized on achieving more. Since the history dominate the very first invention of human was obviously a wheel, and ever since the development of wheel, the mankind has always been in a continuous strive to accomplish more.

Data is an integral part of human life and the technology has constantly played an eminent position to increase the life-style and living standards of mankind. Connection has always been the core point of interest for people and this is one aspect where research will continue to perpetuity. (Rhoton, 2001) Samuel Mors who is considered as one of the leader of communication through the development of telegraph could give delivery to the term information technology. The info technology is completely dependent upon research.

Up till now huge amounts of dollars had been spent on the investigation of communication and technology. The deep period that affected the introduction of IT was progress ENIAC pc in the time of 1954s. (O’Brien, 2008) Through the development of ENIAC wide range of calculations were easily accomplished by the equipment and it had been used because multipurpose machine for computations and development. The speed and adaptability was quite high due to which it produced a huge impact on planet War II. After the progress ENIAC pcs were created in a identical pattern.

The importance was recognized by different people and researches were conducted to build up such a machine that may automate some difficult processes. (Rappaport, 2002) The development of computer systems to cell phones to notebooks, all had been pretty much predictable as they were developed inside the need with the hour. The progress of technology happens to be a improvement of rate and recollection, but now in the present00 era the three factors which can be very important inside the technology study are acceleration, memory and portability. In the future we can imagine we will certainly witness even more speed in machines, with high memory space storage and high level of portability. References O’Brien, J. (2008) Managment Information Systems (pp.

239) Rappaport, Theodore (2002). Cellular Communications: Principles and Practice. Prentice Area. Rhoton, John (2001). The Wireless Internet Described. Digital Press.

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