The main attribute of humans Essay

The main attribute of individuals which separates them from the other beings is definitely their capacity to think realistically as well as to experience emotions. One of the many products of mixing these two man factors is a creation in the notion “value”.

This has an adverse effect on the character of a specific person which could influence his whole life parental input. Basically, the word “value” could be in a noun or in verb form. But whether or not they have a distinct meaning based on how they are employed, both changes correspond to precisely the same effect of offering importance to something. This primarily justifies why people tend to consider things that may have a direct influence to their lives. Although does every thing in this world really have a “value”?

Apparently, a thing’s value can easily be recognized by human beings because of their capacity to impose a great amount of significance towards it. In this case, humans would be the only creatures who benefit objects depending upon how these things started to be attached to their very own emotional setup. Therefore , if human valuation ceases to exist, then simply everything won’t have any “value” at all. The act of valuing along with giving importance to earthly things is just part of the human concern.

If simply no thinking beast is present in this world, then no thing will have a value on its own. Though it may seem that “value” is merely a human perception, the dynamics on how this world works adhere to certain amount of significance to each of their parts. To maintain balance in the environment, the “value” of every factor like animals, crops, sunlight, ambiance and all other things will have a direct effect to each other to be able to survive.

Through this aspect, “value” may not be a runner attribute by any means but a universal concept which will not necessarily desire a thinking creature to understand.

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