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Medical Ethics, Business Theory, Legal Ethics, Utilitarianism

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Utilitarian Ethics

Business Integrity 3825

Case of the Only Remaining Supplier

Relevant stakeholders

Internal stakeholders

External stakeholders

Utilitarian ethics: Action plan

Ideal aims

Specific Actions

Raising the quality control standards

Develop elaborate Regular installation and operation types of procedures (SIOP)

Correct of revoking supply deal unilaterally in case of noncompliance to SIOP

Optimum good obtained

Case from the Sole Outstanding Supplier

The truth of ‘sole remaining supplier’ is regarding a firm that manufactures cardiovascular pacemakers. The pacemaker is known as a modern device that is used by heart patients who have a medical problem of bypassing heart beats. In the event that regular heartbeat (averagely after each 1 ) 2 seconds) does not take place, the pacemaker stimulates the heart and it beats regularly. In its earliest many years of invention, patients solely depended upon pacemaker whereas their particular heart typical heartbeat was suspended. There were serious booking in public, doctors, and the distributor company for the ethical aspect of selling a ‘medical device’ that risked failing and depriving the person of life. Since the installing of this device required extremely sensitive handling, doctors were also least adept at setting up pacemakers. A lot of specific stories about patients dying of issue related to the pacemaker also made the management of supplying company to immediately choose whether or not to continue supplying the merchandise (Shanks, and. d. ). Since there was several ethical dilemmas associated with both sides of decision, continuous or hanging the supply, this all gave climb to heightened tension inside the board meeting as to what should be the most appropriate ethical stance of the company to adhere to.

Relevant stakeholders

There were a lot of stakeholders involved in this case situation. These belonged from both equally within and out of doors the case business.

Internal stakeholders

The internal stakeholders involved in this situatio were the primary Executive Officer (CEO) table of company directors (BOD), the engineering crew of supplier organization, plus the legal team responsible for controlling the law meets. The biggest risk within the firm was that with the employees on this organization in whose employees counted on organization’s earning for their wages. Thus, in case that a law suit was filed after failure of a pacemaker, the distributor company overall including its directors, personnel, CEO, and engineering group, was to face the consequences.

External stakeholders

The external stakeholders engaged in this situatio scenario were the buyer company to which provider was delivering the pacemakers for sales, the sufferers that were becoming installed together with the pacemakers, doctors performing the installation, plus the shareholders of the company. In case of a negative result of installing the pacemaker, individuals was the many effected stakeholder group because there was a threat of losing the life span. Secondly, doctors were one of the most imminently vulnerable group of stakeholders under the menace of law suit from sufferer relatives. Investors of the business were to drop significant income in type loss of money dividends and fall in the share cost should generally there occur an incident of law suit for the supplier business. The buyer organization was likewise directly beneath the threat of law suit and really should the distributor suspend the delivery of pacemakers, the purchaser company might have immediately be depleted business. However, in case of law suit also, the customer company’s business prospects would have become bleak.

Utilitarian ethics: Action plan

Practical ethics are the basis of normative theories of ethics that guide organization actions. According to the classical practical theories, the action that promotes and ensures very best good for finest possible number of people can be referred to as the ‘ethical action’ (Driver, 2009) which a firm may follow while conducting organization operations.

Wanted aims

According to the described situation in the case, it is pertinent to mention few is designed that Panel of Directors should achieve while choosing on whether to supply the pacemaker towards the buyer firm. The BOD should:

Make certain that such plans and methods are implemented that minimize the risk to patient your life as sufferers are the most vulnerable stakeholder if and if not the pacemakers continue being sold. If perhaps supply is suspended, you will have no gadget in the market that can cater to the needs of patients whose hearts miss ‘heart beats’. On the other hand, not really suspending the provision and ongoing with same policies and practices of device advancement and product sales will leave the company vulnerable to law meets, should there occur a loss of your life. Therefore , advancement policies and practices

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