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Microsoft, unlike Apple, is definitely not secretive. Microsoft usually offers previews of their products several months prior to its recognized release (Lloyd, 2011). They do this as it is its corporate tradition. This enables buyers to evaluate the product before determining to buy. However, the company is able to get responses regarding to the product in the customers (Lloyd, 2011). This helps the company to enhance on the merchandise before it is official launch. Microsoft includes a set of brilliant and hardworking employees. Many of these employees happen to be computer software designers (Lloyd, 2011). While Apple corporate tradition focuses primarily in developing new and unique goods, Microsoft corporate culture targets making money through sales of their products.

There are lots of ways that the initial corporate ethnicities of these two companies have benefited from other’s competition. First these businesses have partnered together to build up certain application. Second Ms has started making software which are compatible with the Apples merchandise (Lloyd, 2011). A good example is definitely Microsoft Business office for Mac pc. This has made apple maximize its sales as many buyers all over the world are competent with Microsoft computer software. This has also benefited Apple as this has lured a large number of customers to buy its products.

There exists a high possibility that both Ms and Apple are likely to transform their company cultures soon. Due to the shortcomings associated with survey of products, Microsoft may transform its corporate culture and become secretive. For example, developers generally take advantage of the preview version to control the code hence breaking it. This becomes a wonderful loss to the company as people can get the full edition of the item without getting (Whiting, 2011). When it comes to in a position, the company probably will change their corporate tradition by producing products which can be compatible with application from Microsoft company such House windows operating system. This will greatly become an advantage to customers as they will enjoy products from equally companies concurrently.


To summarize, it is clear that business culture plays a very important function in determining the success of virtually any organization. Both equally Microsoft and Apple will vary corporate civilizations that have flourished in the companies for a long time. These nationalities have helped the two firms to reap the benefits of one another. Since new discoveries in the world of computing prevail worldwide, there is a high expectation the fact that corporate nationalities of these businesses will change in the future.


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