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Healthcare Finance Situations

Cases in Healthcare Financing Front Avenue Hospital: Uninsured Charges and Collections

The underlying a significant this case handles discriminatory medical pricing strategies. Although these types of pricing structure are normal in other industrial sectors, such as the motel industry, the implications upon society go beyond that of some other industry you can possibly imagine. For example , of all the bankruptcies filed in the United States, roughly sixty percent are due medical bills (Tamkins, 2009). Furthermore, of medical related bankruptcies, over three quarters of these people’s actually had health insurance. Therefore , one may possibly wonder how the uninsured could even stand an opportunity of meeting their obligations; especially considering they are billed at the highest prices possible.

Group Bargaining

In case, Jane can be an uninsured patient and is billed to get services amounting to 19 thousand dollars. It also paperwork that it the area HMO may have insured Jane then the hospital bill could have been two thousand 500 dollars; Medical planning would have paid five thousand and Medicare will of paid out seven 1000 eight hundred or so. So the issue is posed, “Why do the uninsured receive stuck with the full bill. inch The answer to question is that insurance companies, open public and private, include a substantially larger sum of bargaining power than that of any kind of single specific. You can actually estimation the group bargaining prices from the case provided. The HMO certainly has substantial power in negotiations, Medical planning ranks second, Medicare employs, and the specific (Jane) can be dead previous in regards to negotiating power.

Ethical Considerations

The obvious breech of ethics that was offered in the case is a use of jail time or other questionable methods by a lot of hospitals to get payments. Debtor’s prisons had been officially outlawed in the nineteenth century for their inhumanity as well as the effective return of these kinds of arrangements are quite frightening (Jones, 2011). Be it intended or not, treatments that individuals’ receive from many private hospitals is that they are billed on the highest prices, in some cases much more than six times that of what a HMO is definitely billed for, and then whenever they fail to spend such unrealistic bills they are really pursued with, in many cases, dishonest collection strategies.


Not only do the billing and collection activities appear unethical intended for uninsured sufferers, they also is very much counterproductive. The situation notes that they can collect less than five percent of the billings incurred simply by uninsured individuals. That staying the case, definitely a better system could be produced to be far better. For example in Jane’s case, say that she was living pay examine to shell out check and couldn’t manage any substantive payment toward her harmony. If Jane was presented a bill that seemed and so insurmountable to her situation, then she would most likely not even try. On the contrary, in the event the bill was more reasonable, that way of the HMO’s rate, in that case Jane may well have more associated with an incentive to try to work out payment arrangements. Therefore , since the current billing product is so ineffective, there may be an opportunity to restructure the program so that it would not leave uninsured patients impossible in the end. It truly is reasonable to suspect that this may in turn substantially increase the hospital’s collection costs and also enhance the organizations’ overall financial picture.

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