To Kill a Mockingbird – Aticus’ Courage Essay

FictionIn the storyline “To Kill a Mocking Bird” simply by Harper Shelter, the three most courageous characters were Atticus, Tom Johnson and Boo Radley. Through the novel, Atticus Finch is considered the most courageous, showing his braveness in almost the entire entire novel. Atticus black client that is offender of rasurado, Tom Johnson, also shows courage in the composure and disposition. Although we only see him once, Disapprove Radley demonstrates much courage with his acts. Atticus Finch is the most courageous character which is easily noticed through his actions.

His stance up against the townsfolks values is a key reason for for what reason he is the family portrait of valor. Atticus sets all his heart in to defending Mary Robinson although everyone in Maycomb is usually against Ben because he is black. The citizens of Maycomb present their disapproval of Atticus with mental abuse and extreme actions. Despite this, Atticus goes on as they recognizes Tom Robinson s innocence and he knows what is right and incorrect.

His understanding that racism can be wrong through the 1930 s i9000 in a small area in Alabama and his motivation to go up against the people reveals his authentic courage. Atticus stands behind what this individual truly feels. The residents of Maycomb see these kinds of qualities of Atticus, possibly consciously or perhaps unconsciously, and for that reason they have admiration for him.

Because they respect him, the townfolk reelect him to his position as a county legal professional so they can continue his role to do what other folks fear to do. This gentleman shows valor with almost everything life throws at him and that’s why he is the most brave man.

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