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Mariano Azuela’s novel “Los de Abajo”, titled “The Underdogs” by Enrique Munguía Jr., in his English translation, has been proclaimed the novel of the Philippine revolution. From this novel Azuela creates characters representative of the 2 factions which have been at variance, the revolutionaries and the federalists. The story is broken into three parts and each portion subdivided in to chapters, the first part being the longest plus the third staying the least.

Enrique Munguía’s translation is about 140 web pages in length and a lot of have mentioned that this novel is among Azuela’s least. The story is, yet , quite entertaining and this maintains the readers’ focus throughout. For everyone interested in an important study of Mexican record, this is a vital novel to learn as it gives a perspective into the social aspects of the trend that few textbooks can capture. The book features historical significance because it provides description from the Mexican wave from the perspective of people who had been directly afflicted with and involved in the revolutionary procedure. The events inside the novel mirror the Mexican revolution of 1910.

The primary plot from the story is that of a typical farmer, Demetrio Macias who have, after having suffered at the hands of the federalists, decides to participate in Pancho Villa’s revolutionary military services. A defector of the federal government army, Luis Cervantes – elite and educated, brings together Demetrio’s troop because of his support of the ideals this individual believed the revolutionaries espoused. Azuela, yet , uses this kind of character while his end and, in the disillusionment that the revolutionaries weren’t fighting based on ideologies; you gets an awareness of Azuela’s perspective.

He, like Cervantes, abandoned the struggle and migrated to the United States following having worked along with Pancho Villa like a military doctor believing his ideals to obtain been tricked. One of the main lessons that Azuela delivers is relevant in so many parts of life. His major disagreement in offering his new is that devoid of purpose, emphasis, planning and proper management, even the most worthwhile work will end up being futile. The most positive element of Azuela’s story is that it had been written as the struggles inside the revolution were still taking place.

Beginning in 1914 the new began to be released as a series in a The state of texas newspaper in installments though it was not really until 1925 that it started to gain around the world attention. This kind of novel information the fights in the Mexican revolution through the perspective of the author who have himself was obviously a witness of the very events. Prior to going to Texas, Azuela supported the revolutionary movement by offering his medical services to Pancho Villa’s armed service. In such a position he was exposed to the problems of the innovative battle, much more from the perspective of the revolutionaries. Azuela was therefore in a fitting situation to discuss the Mexican trend because he too had been very intimately active in the process.

Yet , while this kind of novel holds relevance for the themes that were facing the Mexicans during the time when they were most active in the revolution, it fails to offer a complete photo of the revolutionary process. The condition with the story is exactly because it was written so close to the genuine events. This kind of prevents the reader from having a total picture of the ‘before’, the ‘during’ and the ‘after’ of the trend.

Authors who may have written about the revolution subsequent to Azuela experienced the benefit of discovering the long-term results from the struggle which in turn revealed much more positive effects than what were quickly obvious while the struggles had been still taking place.

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