The Quarterly Sales Report Essay

He basically sees increases and decreases in numbers nevertheless he is not thinking them through like he should. Raw data alone does not provide the important info you need for top quality control and improvement. Info must be organized, analyzed and interpreted.

The first thing he must have done was organize the information, by location, by conspiring it into some kind of chart so that he could compare the different parts similar to the things i did in figures 1 and installment payments on your When I first found the characters, I noticed the fact that numbers in some of the areas were substantially higher than a few of the others. Obviously, the parts with the greater numbers should be a larger and better region with bigger potential for product sales. Those 3 regions were northeast, freebie southwest and northwest.

So these regions should be compared against each other since they are all similar in regards to marketplace potential. Not necessarily fair to compare these regions to regions of a compact market that will be suffering from deficits due to competition or other external elements. So then, the smaller three regions were plotted on a second chart to see how they stack up to other parts of their same nature.

Likewise, Ron should certainly look at product sales performance of other companies in similar companies, size and geographical areas to see that they compare relative to its rivals. Based on the charts that we produced, I had been actually able to see the true overall performance for each location based on almost all five years. Ron recognized the managers of the southwest, southwest and northwest locations for increasing their sales but when you glance at the charts you can view that the southwest region is definitely trending straight down overall.

The northeast area is remaining pretty constant and the south west region is definitely trending up very a little bit. So Ron’s analysis with their performance is definitely not also accurate when you look at the info using this device. Sure, generally there may have been several increases from the previous 12 months or 1 / 4 but general, they haven’t shown much grow in the past five years. As far as his problem areas, his research of this info is incorrect as well.

This individual considered the mid-Atlantic, south and north central regions to become problem areas but in truth they did quite well for their region. They may not need had as many sales as the additional three locations but the important thing is that they will be growing. The north central and mid-Atlantic regions happen to be trending up at a much greater level than some of the top three regions. The south central region can be remaining quite constant general but at least they may be not decreasing.

After all, Sawzag, the administrator of the southern region central region said that it had been in fact a difficult region and that there was a lot of competition. He declared he do lose quite a few accounts over time but he was able to replace them with fresh ones. When ever Ron looked at the numerical figures, he didn’t think as to why his sales had been lower.

He didn’t bother to take into consider that this was a challenging region which it was more challenging to obtain accounts in his area than it was in others. Mister. Hagler must have acknowledged and gave reputation to the managers of the mid-Atlantic and north central parts because of the rapid growth they’d over the last five years. The truth doesn’t condition what Selit Corp. offers but in standard, sales are often higher inside the fourth 1 / 4 due to the holiday season and lower in the initial quarter. Ron needs to consider all of these elements into consideration when evaluating the sales info.

Numerical desired goals are meaningless, especially if they are really based on an inaccurate examination of the data. In addition assessing the data properly and taking into consideration other exterior factors, Ron needs to decide why there is variation by year to year to year and from one fourth to 1 / 4. However , variant exists in every processes. The important thing is to determine whether the variation is due to a unique cause or a common trigger. All unique causes should be removed initial. It seems that the origin of variation in this case is because of common triggers thus the device is considered steady.

Using the appropriate statistical tools, common cause variations can be predicted. Understanding and minimizing variation is the key to improvement and success and to handling any program. Statistics provide an effective and efficient technique of obtaining significant info from data, enabling managers and workers to control and improve processes.

Via a leadership perspective, Mister. Hagler generally seems to not know what being a leader means. Being a leader methods to influence and change the behavior of your workers within a positive way to add up and work at a shared goal.

The mutual goal here is discounts performance. Mister. Hagler’s applied coercive power to try to get his sales mangers to increase revenue. He tells his employees to improve this quarter’s results otherwise! Dread is certainly not the best way to start getting the results you wish.

Fear is truly a demotivator. Workers want to feel empowered and known for performing well by tasks. Individuals are better enthusiastic by inbuilt rewards.

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