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Demand for Pepsi varies by product. For example we have a greater demand for “Pepsi” when compared with “Mountain Dew, ” which is relatively new in Bangladesh. Consequently, Pepsi includes a low require uncertainty as compared with “Mountain Dew”. The product “Pepsi” is getting close its maturity stage in the market whereas “Mountain Dew” with the growth stage.

Pepsi’s intended demand uncertainness varies with all the product type as well as the customer needs. Because of decreased business lead time (the customer may purchase it is competitor’s merchandise if Soft drink is not available at that time), need for increased variety and higher level of service, implied demand uncertainty raises. Step 2: Comprehending the Supply Sequence Capabilities According to the company, it does not deal with marketers who don�t have 20 to 25 cars, therefore since the company focus on cost reduction, uses slower and inexpensive ways of vehicles, the demand is for certain, and uses economies of scale in production; the item Pepsi is far more inclined toward being to some degree efficient.

In cities, the company focuses its attention about being very responsive as Pepsi must meet short lead time, meet an increased service level, handle a sizable variety of companies respond to large ranges of quantity demanded especially in the retail level. Involves the arrangement of activities in a few sort of series along which will a service recipient or merchandise process techniques. Machines or pieces of assembly equipment are situated along the route that product travel and leisure and are set up in the sequence required simply by production plan. The path of flow may well follow right line or any other shape. Quality control: Quality control department is in charge of checking the quality of the product.

After every a few hours a quality check statement is offered by this division to the creation manager and GM technical. In case of any difficulty with the top quality, after every half an hour quality is usually checked. They can be responsible for the subsequent functions:

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