Report Writing, Household Waste Management Essay

Acknowledgements The team wish to convey its sincere honor to the children members of Shimultala whom participated as interviewers in the survey. Thank you are also extended to the Councilor Mr. A. K. Azad, members of the Local Task Management Panel and the people of Shimultala for their hospitality and support.

Executive Brief summary: Being one of the third world developing countries, Bangladesh remains in the process of development of a sustainable and effective waste management system through the country. Though the scale of consumption of food, energy and other solutions & products in Bangladesh is much less than any developed countries, waste materials management is still poor due to lack of adequate knowledge amongst the people about how negatively this toxins can effect on peoples’ health, environment and aesthetic. The generation of waste the following is increasing seite an seite with the regarding the country’s economy and infrastructure seeing that waste technology is carefully linked to human population, urbanization and affluence.

People produce a variety of waste, which is often classified into two broad groups: inorganic and organic. Organic waste materials is eco-friendly and generally decomposes fairly speedily, while inorganic waste decomposes much more gradually. In Bangladesh like additional developing countries with elevating population, abundance and urbanization, it is still a major challenge for cities to collect, recycling, treat and dispose of increasing quantities of both organic and inorganic wastes. To ascertain how this report could assist in the management of waste, they decided to accomplish a study in the Shimultola area to determine what types of squander are staying produced and just how they are taken care of.

A survey questionnaire was formulated for this specific purpose and a survey was carried out by the members with the team together with a small group of young people of Shimultola. The survey was carried out over a sample scale 159 household in the location out which only 143 participated in the survey. Several heads of households were reluctant to engage in the survey for the following reasons: disagreement with the participation of the junior as review interviewers, refusal to disclose details about how they take care of their waste, and the idea that spend management with the project can be unnecessary since the people already know what to do tend to be simply unorganized and irresponsible.

Based on the evaluation of accessible data, the report recommends establishing the ideal location for each little location, which will function as the communal dumpsite pertaining to non-recyclable inorganic waste. A feasible squander collection and disposal system should be founded immediately. Squander separation must be encouraged and waste type should be discarded in an appropriate manner. Someone buy of recyclable material should be organized. Composting of organic and natural waste ought to be encouraged.

Existing waste managing regulations and their enforcement ought to be reviewed and amended. Many different awareness activities focusing on different era, gender and interest groups within the small town ought to be carried out to encourage appropriate and responsible disposal of waste. The general poor point out of hygiene and the ongoing use of open areas to get dumping wastes are very clear indications that the majority of the people aren’t convinced about the adverse health and environmental impacts of improper waste disposal. In addition , although local regulations relating to garbage disposal exist, they may be simply not staying enforced.

In order to improve the situation, the people must make an effort to dispose of various types of waste materials in a responsible manner. The existing regulations needs to be reviewed and amended to boost monitoring and enforcement. One common dumpsite should be established, accompanied by a feasible collection and removal system.

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