Leadership model Essay

“Discuss what command theory/model you should use as being a health care head and the theory/model you believe can be least effective. Explain so why the types you’ve selected would or perhaps would not work in a health-related field. ” Among a dozens of command theory/models listed in the publication of “leadership for health professionals”, I would really prefer to say that Bennis’s competency-based model of leadership is most effective one in the health care discipline, while House’s charismatic management model” can be least a single. Bennis competency-based model has become widely embraced by professional organizations.

It suggests that the relevant skills and equipment necessary to business lead organizations has to be learned-whether through incremental on-the-job training, formal education, or years of specialist development. That implies that leaders are made and not simply born. For being chair of any departments of medical division, one particular cannot properly hold these kinds of a position with no years of medical education and a successful practice of medicine since the correct diagnosis and proper treatment for sufferers are the critical goal coming from all hospitals. The competent head is a key point to reach this goal.

Let’s take the office of pathology and laboratory medicine as an example. The section of pathology has many division which includes clinical pathology, surgical pathology and bloodstream banking. Each division provides several neighborhoods.

For example , operative pathology comes with microscopy analysis made by pathologist, grossing surgical specimen performed by pathologist’s assistants, and tissue slides prepared by histotechnologists. The head of department of pathology is often held simply by pathologists rather than pathologist assistants or histotechnologists. Why?

The solution is it is pathologists who have finished 4 years medical college education, 5-years resident and fellowship schooling and many many years of practices. Throughout the study in medical university and trained in hospitals, Patholgosits go through all divisions and subdivisions inside the department of pathology, that they knew making diagnosis, tips on how to dissect the specimen, the way to get the tissues section, how to perform circulation cytometry, tips on how to determine blood crossmatching. Therefore , whenever you will find technical complications which different staffs are not able to resolve, Pathologist is able to do it.

Moreover, since pathologists recognize how each department functions, they will manage the workflow well, coordinate the each department and understand the tough concerns in each division. For instance, they know the difficulty to cut the bone sample, they would not really demand the right bone slides which made by technologists. On the other hand, Pathologsit’s helper and histotechnologist spends just 2 and 1 year learning in particular fields of either grossing or microtoming, respectively.

They don’t understand how other categories works. Hence, it is hard to enable them to lead the department of pathology. When it comes to House’s charming leadership unit, I think it might not work in the healthcare field. Firstly, unlike competency-based model which can be measured by leaders’ education background and doing work experience, charming leadership inspires followership through intangibles in personality that cannot be measured by virtually any tangible home in a universal way. Exactly like the old saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, charisma is in the eyesight of the container.

Therefore , numbers of acceptance and acknowledgement cannot be uniformly disseminated by the members of the firm. Without the professional skill and profound know-how in the field of healthcare, the command can be challenged and asked by employees who are generally not the container. Secondly, the charismatic command model shows that the charismatic leaders will be born with this quality. It is very challenging for those with no natural charm to mimic those who own this normal ability within the long-term basis.

It’s essential for leaders inside the fields of politics and business to enjoy Charismatic persona, for example , Chief executive John Farrenheit Kennedy who have inspired trust, faith and confidence in non-mechanical ways. However , JFK would not succeed chair of department of pathology because he would absence professional talk in the medical field and could not solve the technical complications to make a appropriate diagnosis. In general, each management theory/model provides its power and weakness, as well as applications for use.

As far as I am concerned, Bennis competency-based model is among the most applicable to leading health organizations, although House’s charismatic leadership model” is least effective method.

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