Human Atrocities Essay

In the age of terrorism and nuclear wars, one of the best challenges that the human community is facing right now should be to curb individual rights infractions that is developing in virtually all parts of the world. Even the residents of the most democratic of nations are generally not spared from a certain level of human privileges violations or atrocities. This is a fact that citizens of the world must deal with and bravely address.

However the bigger problem is this: who will be responsible to curb individual atrocities? Specifically, what can the international and native community do to intervene in this sort of atrocities? To reply to these concerns, I believe we have to first arrive at a meaning of human privileges violations or atrocities. According to Wikipedia, human legal rights refers to the universal rights of all people regardless of race, color, nationality, religion gender and culture.

From the United Nations General Declaration of Human Rights, it is fundamentally based on natural human pride. Concurrently, human atrocities happen to be violations of rights inherent to an individual. Normally, it is a term used when a government violates countrywide or international law relevant to the security of human being rights. (Wikipedia, 2007) I am in the opinion the international community has an inherent responsibility to stand up against any form of human privileges abuse. Foreign courts including the International Felony Court and international organizations such as the Un must be cautious in guarding the privileges of each man.

They must be the first to guard the interest of each and every person against any criminal offense that may be carried out against these people by possibly the army in their individual government or their authorities per se. For instance, the International Criminal Courtroom is designed to bring into effect those peremptory norms of international rules which protect such fundamental values since human pride, the respect for life and limb of innocent individuals, and the safeguard of ethnic, religious or racial groups. (Cassesse, 2007) In addition , the International Felony Court must bring to rights any point out which violates the dignity of the citizens. Doing so will uphold the most important intercontinental values, such as the respect pertaining to human rights.

Moreover, acquiring these steps will uphold and vindicate community rights. Foreign nongovernmental businesses such as Exemption International and Human Rights Watch can be an indication of what the intercontinental community can easily do in order to help curb the climb of man atrocities in just about any country. They have the resources to leave the international community know any wrongdoings being done in a few areas of the earth.

They can mobilize other regional organizations to stand up against these atrocities by mobilizing public view. For instance, Amnesty International worked and is further more exerting it is efforts pertaining to the safeguard of those held because of their nonviolent opinions and is seeking that Articles 18 and 19 of the UDHR be acknowledged globally. Alternatively, Human Privileges Watch opposes basic man rights infractions like death penalty and sex elegance. It is an supporter of freedom relating to critical human rights like liberty of religion as well as the press.

An additional significant player in the bet to suppress human atrocities is the neighborhood. One cannot overemphasize around the power of the locals to intervene in such concerns. Setting up worldwide organizations is not going to solve the down sides that are festering a country.

Treatment must are derived from within. The local community should always be on the look-out for almost any atrocities being done and must bravely record this towards the authorities. Because noted inside the website with the Crimes of War Task, each foreign institution will need the support and assistance of various other institutions and, most significantly, of States themselves and local areas for that matter. For example , local community could be a source of vital information related to the habits and mechanisms of the complications in the community which will help solve a global crisis. (Cassesse, 2007) My spouse and i also think that the power of media can be best utilized in handling the facts of individual rights violations.

Since the press can properly capture the interest of many people, the local and international multimedia should produce it their very own responsibility to report any kind of news of wrongdoings or perhaps injustice. (Cassesse, 2007) This will also help in making each community whether local or internationalto be more aware in such cases. It ought to be understood the fact that measures to be taken by the international community may have no significant bearing without the support in the local community. No amount of involvement will be successful if the neighborhood will not render its support.

As mentioned by Antonio Cassesse in an article entitled A Big Step Forward pertaining to International Justice, the best respond to atrocities lies in a wise and very well thought-out mix of various strategies both community and foreign. (Cassesse, 2007) He writes, international criminal law is actually a branch of rules that, more than any other, is around human folly, human wickedness, and individual aggressiveness. It deals with the darkest aspect of our character. It also relates to the way societies organize themselves to stem violence and viciousness as much as possible.

Clearly, provided the degree of the process, no single response may be enough. Instead, a broad array of responses, each focused on specific situations, is needed efficiently to combat international criminality. (Cassesse, 2007) Therefore, intervention of human atrocities is equally a local and international responsibility one that must be taken seriously and diligently by simply all societies in the world. Cited Works Cassesse, Antonio. crimesofwar. org. A Big Advancement for International Justice. 7 Mar 2007.

Wikipedia. Human Rights. 7 March 2007.

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