The Vice President Essay

Ben Brewster, among the field sales managers of Major Instrument Works, Incorporation., was advertised to his first headquarters assignment since an assistant product administrator for a band of products which he was fairly unfamiliar. Right after he undertook this new assignment, one of the company’s vice presidents, Nicki Johnson, called a meeting of merchandise managers and other staff to plan marketing strategies. Brewster’s quick superior, the merchandise manager, was unable to enroll in, so the director of marketing, Rob Reynolds, asked Brewster towards the meeting to aid orient him to his new work.

Because of the numerous people attending, Reynolds was rather simple in bringing out Brewster to Smith, who also, as vice president, was presiding over the conference. After the conference began, Jones – a long-time seasoned with a reputation for bluntness – began asking a number of probing questions that most with the product managers were able to solution in detail. Abruptly she took on Brewster and began to question him quite closely about his group of products. Somewhat confused, Brewster confessed that he did not know the answers.

It was right away apparent to Reynolds that Smith acquired forgotten or perhaps had failed to understand that Brewster was new to this work and was attending the meeting more for his own orientation than to contribute to it. He was about to offer a prudent explanation when Smith, visibly annoyed using what she accepted be Brewster’s lack of planning, announced, “Gentlemen, you have simply seen among the sloppy personnel work, and there is no justification for it! ” Case Study (page two) After an hour, Cruz evidently disappointed with what the girl termed the “inadequate planning” of the marketing department on the whole, abruptly announced the getting together with over. Because she did so, she considered Reynolds and asked him to remain start for a minute.

To Reynolds’ surprise, Cruz herself immediately raised the question of Brewster. In fact , it had been to have been his main reason for asking Reynolds to remain behind. “Look, ” your woman said, “I want you to tell me honestly, do you think I had been too rough with that child? ” relieved, Reynolds stated, “Yes, you were. I was going to converse with you about this. ” Cruz explained which the fact that Brewster was a new comer to his work had not listed adequately when they had been launched and that it absolutely was only some time after her own reproach to Brewster that your woman had the nagging thought that her reaction was unacceptable and unfair. She asked, “How very well do you think you know him?

Do you think he seems that I was disrespectful? ” For a minute, Reynolds took the way of measuring his remarkable. Then he replied evenly, “I don’t know him very well however, but I do believe you hurt him. ” “That’s unpardonable, ” said Smith. She then telephoned her admin to call Brewster and have him to report to her office right away.

A few moments later, Brewster came back, looking puzzled and apprehensive. As he came into, Smith arrived from behind her desk and attained him in the middle of the office. Standing face to face with Brewster, who had been 20 years and 4 organization levels his younger, she stated, “Look, I’ve done something stupid and i also want to apologize. I had developed no right to treat you enjoy that. I will have remembered that you had been new to your task.

I’m sorry. ” Brewster was relatively flustered but muttered his thanks for the apology. “As long since you are here, young man, ” Johnson continued, “I want to make a number of things obvious to you in the presence of the boss’s employer. Your job should be to make sure that persons like me don’t make foolish decisions. Clearly we think you are competent for your work or we might not have helped bring you in here. Nonetheless it takes time to learn any job. Three months from now, I will expect you to be aware of the answers to any queries about your products.

She proceeded to say while she shook Brewster’s hands, “Until then, you have my personal complete confidence. Thank the for permitting me right a really stupid mistake. ” Questions: 1 . Who are definitely the main characters in the case analyze and exactly what their jobs? 2 . What are the important issues? 3. Will you agree with Smith’s approach to Brewster? 4. Who have do you think is most at fault in cases like this?

How will you handle it differently?

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