The Impact of K-12 in Philippine Education Essay

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The goal of this analysis paper is to know what is the impact of K-12 in Philippine Education. This analyze aims to solution these next questions; (1) what are the huge benefits and disadvantages from the K-12 program or the further 2 years to Basic Education? (2) Does the parents acknowledge or differ to the K- 12 plan? This exploration would be able to ensure that the parents with the students whom are affected by the K-12 system, this will give them an idea of what will end up being the advantages and drawbacks of the program, and if it helps their children grow from the educational nature.

The scholars will gain benefit study by simply letting them know how they are going to manage to understand the addition of 2 years from their education. Students will be aware of how it will provide a better quality of education to these people. This examine will profit the teachers from the university, for them to be equipped for the additional 2 yrs to the basic education. It is crucial for them to know the advantages and disadvantages of the program, because they will be one providing the ability to the kids. This research will also profit the school, and so they will foresee the additional cost to the plan, also the extra teachers and everything that they must be anticipating intended for.

This conventional paper attempted to identify the advantages and drawbacks and the perspective of the father and mother regarding K12 program. This kind of research design used in this study is a descriptive research method in which data via documents were used to answer the research problem posed. Education in the Israel has and been a treasure for all those Filipinos who would like to improve lifestyle a little bit in particular those belonging to the middle section and low income group. But with the advent of the K+12 Fundamental program with the Department of Education in which formal education starts from Kindergarten, half a dozen years in elementary, 36 months junior secondary school and couple of years senior high school.

Counting the number of years that parents will devote to spending for their children’s education means more operate, more initiatives to exert, more waiting around years before they will finally see youngsters graduate from fundamental education. Father and mother think of the longer period before they may witness their children earn their very own living, a common dream of a normal Filipino mother or father. However , if this program will be fully materialized, Filipino participants of fundamental education become highly comparable and proficient as with their other Oriental and global counterparts.

Parents may layer more for school demands but they just have to think that their children can currently enroll in different countries, in the event they wish to, due to competitive fundamental education programs. This should end up being the thinking of a realistic parent, essential for a modern country like in the Israel Those who can afford pay about fourteen a lot of schooling ahead of university. As a result, their children are receiving into the ideal universities plus the best jobs after graduation. I want at least more than a decade for each of our public school children to give them an even chance at being successful. (Aquino III, 2011) K12 educational systems happen to be additional years to supplementary level.

This research consists of some information regarding curriculum of K12. Therefore the present several years in high school will be called Younger High School and additional two years while senior High School. The model, which can be being proposed, is K-6-4-2 where E means Kindergarten (5 years old), 6th means half a dozen years in elementary (6 to 14 years old), 4 means four years in Younger High School (12 to 15 years old) and 2 means two years in Senior High School (16 to seventeen years old. Pre-school will start at school year 2011 2012. The new and enhanced subjects in Grade 1 and first 12 months high school will start in school season 2012 2013.

The first year high school graduation or the 11th year will begin in school year 2016 2017. The first graduates of the 12 year program will be in 2018. Enhancing the quality of simple education in the Philippines can be urgent and critical.

The indegent quality of basic education is reflected in the low achievement scores of Filipino students. One reason is that college students do not get adequate instructional time or process. Our children should have to receive the very best education each of our country can provide for them and our economic climate depends on an informed and skilled workforce to hit your objectives in the global market. This research utilizes the descriptive method considering that the researcher aims to discuss and to know the perception of parents regarding to the further years of basic education.

The main goal of this type of research is to describe the data and feature what is getting studied. The theory behind this kind of research is to examine frequencies, averages, and other record calculations. Though this research is highly correct, it does not collect the causes behind a situation. Detailed research is generally done if a researcher desires to gain an improved understanding of a topic.

Interview, literature and newspapers were researchers’ major device in gathering information and were augmented with other info collected through readings There is also a strong correlation between educational attainment and wage structure and studies specific towards the Philippine establishing show that the additional year of schooling increases income by six. 5%. This should also let greater usage of higher education to get self-supporting pupils. (5)Graduates can now be recognized abroad. Philippine graduates, e. g. designers, architects, doctors, etc ., could now be named professionals in other countries. Those who plan to study overseas will satisfy the entrance requirements of overseas schools.

For the Society and the Overall economy; (1) our economy will knowledge accelerated growth in the long run. The objective of the K+12 programs is always to improve quality of standard education. Many studies have demostrated that the advancements in the quality of education will increase GDP growth up to 2%. Studies in the UK, India and US show that additional years of schooling also provide positive total impact on society. (2) The Philippine education system will be at par with international standards.

K+12 will help mutual recognition of Philippine graduates and professionals following the Washington Conform and the Bologna Accord. (3) A better knowledgeable society provides a sound basis for long term socioeconomic creation. The Enhanced K+12 Basic Education system will certainly contribute to the advancement emotionally and intellectually adult individuals in a position of pursuing productive job or entrepreneurship or higher education disciplines. DISADVANTAGES (1)Parents have to shell out more income (for vehicles and food) for education of their children. (2) The government does not have the cash to pay for two more years of free education, since it will not even have the amount of money to fully support today’s a decade.

DepEd need to first fix the lack of classroom, furniture and equipment, certified teachers, and error- free textbooks. (3) Filipinos now are approved in esteemed graduate educational institutions in the world, in spite of only 10 years of fundamental education. (4) As far as the curriculum is involved, DepEd will need to fix the latest subjects instead of adding new ones. The web the content, not the length, of basic education.

As an editorial place it, we need to have got better education, not more education. (5) A higher School diploma or degree will not get anybody anywhere, because business firms will not likely hire fresh high school participants. (6) Just about every family dreams of having a kid graduate from university. (7) Whilst students are stuck in Grade eleven and 12, colleges and universities could have no freshmen for two years. This will cause financial disaster for many personal Higher Education Establishments (HEIs). (8) The drop-out rate will increase because of the two extra years. Will the father and mother agree or perhaps disagree towards the K- doze program?

The additional two years in basic education may not be the sole answer to the quality of the educational program. Quality can also depend on the curriculum, the caliber of educators plus the facilities presented to by the school campuses. With all the continuing embrace school tuition, the update on top quality education needs to have already been included.

The additional 2 years will only be to the good thing about the schools and can only make education a much more lucrative organization. The question continues to be. Will the fresh system insure graduates of employment after graduation? In the event that not, the DepEd will need to instead improve what we have already and not add to the burden of education.

K-12 will give more job opportunities to secondary school graduates. It will make even more globally competitive Filipino college students and it will improve their period on selecting their career base on the ability. I agree in K+12 it is because that students may have more time to choose the right study course that best suits in their skills and they will be capable and matured to confront college career, a new unique field endeavor. It depends within the value of education, not really on the period. Why not provide more support and develop the schools and students’ potentials?

I think it truly is more effective to get the excellent literacy of every Philippine youth. This is part of President Benevolo NoyNoy Aquino III’s Educational Reform System. The P-Noy Administration is convinced that adding more years to basic education in the Korea could help fix the problem of unemployment, sustain global standards, and help Philippine students to acquire more time to purchase career that best suits all their skills.

It’s a given reality the Aquino administration features good intentions in implementing this K-12 plan. Nevertheless no matter how good these motives are, generally there would still be parts of the society who would give them a hard time making this education amendment. Unfortunately, the Filipino education system is far in back of other countries’. If this K-12 plan would push through, help the worried parties have that confidence that this would bring our education system a few notches higher. Help to make everybody recognize that yes, we do include quality education here and are able to develop skillful, well-rounded, and skilled young citizens.

After drawing the conclusion, the researcher advises; (1) there ought to be a investigator having the comparison between the subjects with K+12 rule plus the other traditional 6 years in Elementary four years in High School. (2) After some time -2018 to be exact- A researcher conducts a report the effectiveness of this program. DepEd (n. d). The Implementation with the K+12 Systems In The Thailand. Retrieved Sept.

2010 30, 2011 from http:// DepEd (2010). Debate Paper for the Enhanced K+12 Basic Education Program. Recovered October one particular, 2011 from http:// Guiterrez, M. (2010, October 6).

K12 education. Recovered October 5, 2011 coming from http:// Aquino 3, B. (2010). Discussion Conventional paper. Retrieved Sept. 2010 26, 2011 from http://

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