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I i am Fifi Azmi, student of Diploma in Quantity Surveying, Mara University of Technology Malaysia. I had been attended this course since June 2010 and will end my personal studies about April 2013. Through this third numerous years of studies with this field, my personal passion and enthusiasm to attain this course are highly prove in my good results which will pass with flying colours.

I was as well an active college student, who is took part almost in every activities that have been held by simply my affiliation like camping, be one of the volleyball members during the sports time, person in charge for the association evening meal and etc. Pursuing Quantity Surveying has always been a target of mine, my passion in its interest increased enormously throughout my personal Diploma years and chasing it at this stage, is a need I consider highly important within my journey to be a Listed Quantity Surveyor. Studying in foreign countries in an esteemed institution with the expertise of highly experienced academicians would help incredibly in surrounding my operate path and intended job. My exam results speak for just how diligent and hardworking I actually am.

My own CGPA stands at several. 50 and I have been on the Dean’s List 3 times during my examine. I was hardly ever missing to have a for every term in my main subject which can be Measurement of Construction Works. I have experiences in controlling Quantity Surveying softwares just like Buildsoft, Price X and Auto CAD in churning out measurements and Bills of Quantities.

Besides, the leadership thinking embedded within just me is definitely one of my own principal to success within my future career. My love above all items, are directed in reaching the best out of the chance given in my desired field. My causes on planning to be a Variety Surveyor are varied. The course of study have been so far interesting and thought provoking, dropping light in appreciation in the costing, economic buildability, procurement and contractual relations from the construction process- essentially an insider’s view to construction.

I love just how it helps develop my awareness of details and skills of accuracy and accountability in order to deliver tasks while working together with the goals of clients and other building professionals. Furthermore, I also get a detailed knowledge of the delivery process as well as the social and economic context of building creation. My days and nights interning which has a local company were grasping and active, fresh challenges were shipped daily, keeping me rejuvenated and on my personal toes usually.

During this internships period, I did so a lot of Quantity Surveyor’s works coming from preliminary evaluation, preparing soft documents, organizing the sensitive evaluation and tender survey, attending site meetings alongside senior staffs, did the measurement of creating works as well as a number of infra functions. The academic program and function pushed myself to always stay prior to the game, predicting outcomes and impacts of my charging with my personal clients’ curiosity placed first. The United Kingdom is usually well ahead in construction technologies and advancements, it is myriad of famous buildings stand as evidence of this testament. An opportunity to be a part of such booming industry will certainly put myself well ahead and prepared in contributing to my nation.

The ability gained by a country just like United Kingdom, is indispensable and valuable specifically to a aged eager scholar like me. I really believe my solid drive and passion fused with my abilities make me a great candidate with this course.

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