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It is not a secret that teaching has a wonderful role in our life. In our frequently changing community we have to receive knowledge by everything: by people and things surrounding us, via different solutions, from our knowledge.

But nothing of such can take the spot of a instructor, who performs a great function in life of every person. During rather very long period of time a teacher was an integral part of children’s life. This individual does not just impart the knowledge of the world, prepares children pertaining to everyday life although also impacts their souls, teaches them to be honest, being patient, to help each other, to respect each other. But who is a teacher?

We usually feel that a teacher especially if we speak of a female is a worried persistent beast. And if we speak of a male, were sure he can odd, absent- minded and very often certainly not strongly built and healthy. But in the broadest impression, a tutor can be defined as somebody who not only educates or imparts knowledge, nevertheless also someone responsible for healthy diet the minds and hearts of all individuals whom they will teach. Foreign language teachers possess a lot of common features with the educators of different subjects.

In addition such ideal teacher would posses personal qualities, specialized abilities and professional understanding. One must admit the future of any kind of student depends on the qualities and dedication of any teacher of foreign language or any type of other subject matter. That is why you need to be a great teacher who will create an interest in learners to achieve the aspires they set for themselves.

But you may be wondering what qualities, features do make a teacher a good teacher? Speaking about it to begin with we should touch teacher’s personal and professional qualities. The most important feature pertaining to both foreign language teacher and teacher of other topics is to get pleasure from his profession and like children.

When a teacher enjoys his occupation and his college students he is willing to devote themselves to this kind of a hard work as being a educator. A teacher who is full of love for his work is enthusiastic, energized, and creative; he comes to place of work in excessive spirits, he could be open and may share his positive feelings with the college students. The next most critical concern is usually teacher’s eternal patience. Another language tutor must be affected person.

He must by no means be frustrated with students because that they don’t appreciate something. Not every children study at the same rate and inevitably some will demand special attention. Nevertheless , giving up in these kids is a blunder as they can usually succeed with encouragement and hard work. It is a well-known fact that a good instructor must own leadership features. He must have great assurance and strong will power to obtain the best results from his students.

A good sense of connaissance is another useful gizmo that helps a teacher to simplify his task. I think that a sense of humor can create a enjoyable atmosphere where everyone knows they can ask questions, make a few mistakes or try out new suggestions. One more qualities of a very good teacher which is necessary to point out is respect.

It is very important to respect the students, their opinions, ideas, type of living, and attitude to something. Having that respect individuals gets the respect back again from other folks. Endurance, threshold, optimism, passion, objectiveness, mellifluous disposition are in the initially ranks of qualities of the good tutor. I think that most these attributes are some kind of challenge to get a person because it is not so simple to combine every one of them. But as the near future teachers we must make just about every effort to be able to develop all of them because our company is the future illustrations for more youthful generation.

Besides, a good foreign language teacher ought to possess certain professional know-how. First of all he or she must know mindset of his children. It will help a teacher to have a selected way with the students, to involve them, to make the lessons more interesting and effective. Certainly a good language teacher has to be knowledgeable in his subject, because he is the for the pupils. He must know all the peculiarities in the language, it is grammar, lexical structure obviously.

The pronunciation of a very good foreign language educator must also land on a high level. Basically he must be considered a professional, a master of his abilities. Besides, a fantastic teacher as well must have the cabability to analyze his work in order to see his mistakes, to find more effective and productive method of teaching. But on the other hand, their sociable position of officially highly regarded but poorly paid specialists doesn’t allow them occupy the desirable step on the cultural ladder.

However very often educators don’t provide an easy access to necessary medical literature to improve their specialist skills. Another negative aspect with this profession is that they almost have zero weekends, because their Monday is more likely to begin on Sunday, since some essential preparations should be done. And small teachers in many cases are not looking forward to the mental impact as well as the amount of work coming upon the instructor. To draw the conclusion, anybody can say that future teachers need to remember that like a teacher is an excellent responsibility, since teachers are charged with children’s youthful souls.

They have to improve themselves in order to become very good teachers, to acquire the characteristics which will help to spread out children’s hearts, to become good friends for them, to become examples to enable them to follow, to stay in their minds and hearts permanently. One cannot deny that the experience the professors get at school make an excellent influence prove attitudes to life and people.

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