Cesar Chavez A Great Leader Essay

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Acabar Chavez, union leader and farm staff member advocate, came to be near Yuma Arizona upon March 31, 1927. Upon March twenty-three, 1993 this great man perished in San Luis, Arizona ( az ). It is said that his craving for food strike contributed to his fatality. Cesar’s commitment to farm building workers was shaped by his individual experience in the farm market and his parent that educated him just how imperative it had been to help others. As a child, Acabar worked restlessly in his family’s farm.

Later the family had to move to California mainly because their farmville farm was removed for insufficient money. They will worked very hard in farms for very long hours and helped all their coworkers there. A few years later Chavez self volunteered to provide the US Navy. Cesar later came house to get married to his partner and changed his life as a community leader and labor organizer. Chavez founded the Usa Farm Staff Association in 1950 following community support.

Chavez engaged in nonviolent functions to bring focus on the farm building workers. Others before him tried and tried to agree to the union but after gave up and turned to violent acts. This individual faced many challenges through the years. This however did not stop him. Having been willing to give his very own life in order that the union may continue and that violence was not used.

Rendir made the struggles with the farmers seen to the country. The terrible sufferings of the plantation workers and their children, the crushing of farm employees dignity, the dangers of pesticides or herbicides, and the refusal of political election for the workers is what retained Chavez going. One of his first successes was getting grape employees to sign union agreements. Cesar proceeded marches, relegation, pickets, and strikes.

This individual sought to train others and send them to other cities so that they could also work with these same methods. His relaxing strategies brought attention to quite a few friends and supporters like Robert Kennedy and Jesse Jackson. This great man proved that with self-sacrifice minus violence you could get proper rights for the people. He was an efficient leader with determination and clear desired goals.

He constantly let persons know that it had been for them “Si Se Puede” was his saying “It Can Be Done”. This humble man fought against for what this individual believed intended for and till today his organization is abundantly booming with independence.

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