Factors that influence learning Essay

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If the person is utilized it can have got a negative impact on their learning as well as a confident effect. Such as; If a sixth form pupil is learning 4 A-levels and includes a part-time work, they will scarcely have virtually any free time.

Resulting in them receiving behind with work, not satisfying deadlines. This can result in a long amount of stress. This is certainly a negative impact on learning. Employment can also have got a positive influence on learning, for example , if a person has a job they are going to be learning additional skills in the place of work.

Care tasks If a person has attention responsibilities, it might result in a negative effect on a person’s learning. For example; If a student can be described as young career, and they need to look after a parent, they may be missing a lot of time off school or college to do so, meaning they will be missing out on a whole lot of work. Also when they are going to school or perhaps college they are often worrying about what is going on at home how come they aren’t there of course, if the person they can be looking after can be ok, this may mean they will aren’t centering on the work they may be supposed to be this they could be absent vital pieces of information.

Entry to a study middle Having or perhaps not having entry to a study centre can affect a person’s learning. If a person has usage of a study centre they will be capable to learn more successfully, and complete function, revise and meet deadlines. Meaning they are have a great learning experience. Although if the person is not able to access a report centre due to circumstances such as low cash flow, they will be struggling to learn successfully, complete job, revise or perhaps meet deadlines etc Therefore they will fall behind with operate and may be unable to achieve those things they would like to. Time Time can be a very huge factor that could influence a person’s learning.

For example; if the person doesn’t have very much free time they will wouldn’t have the ability to achieve as much as they may if they had sufficient time to full work, research and modify. Not having plenty of time can have a big negative effect on a person’s learning. As well if a person has a large amount of time to study etc that they stand a much better chance of attaining greater things, such as a person having a lots of time to revise for their A-level exams stand a better potential for progressing on to university as they are more than likely to attain better grades than someone who problems to find period.

Specific learning needs If the person offers specific learning needs such as dyslexia, and they are generally unable to gain access to the resources they want such as extra support and coloured overlays, they will find it difficult to learn and may even have an un-enjoyable learning encounter. This will cause a negative learning experience. Financing for analyze Funding for study can easily have enormous implications over a person’s learning experience.

For instance , if a college student that is planning to go to school is unable to obtain the funding necessary for the program they wish to carry out, they may be not able to do the training course they require because of their dream job. Resulting in a negative learning encounter. Although if the person has the capacity to get money for a training course at school, they will be capable of study their education they want and will also be able to look at do the job they could have always needed. However getting funding could in the long run have got a negative result, because the student maybe considering having to pay the grant back again. Aspirations Having aspirations can have a positive influence on a person’s learning.

The reason is , they may study harder in hope of achieving their particular aspirations. For example , a person who would like to become a doctor later on will certainly concentrate a lot harder than someone who doesn’t know what they would like to do later in life, because the person who plans to be a doctor will know how hard they have to work to achieve the points needed to go after such career. Learning models Learning styles have an impact on a person’s learning experience.

One example is; If a person is a someone that learns by doing practical tasks and getting on the job, is caught up in a lecture just being dictated they aren’t gonna have an pleasurable learning encounter and are just going to shut off and not take in any information they can be being told since they are bored, creating a negative learning experience. Motivation Motivation has an impact on learning experiences. For example; If a pupil has no motivation to do very well, they will most likely not bother doing virtually any revision or perhaps pay attention in the lecture, resulting in poor grades and the inability to advance on to advanced schooling or a task because they’ve been unable to accomplish the necessary requirements to do so, creating a negative learning experience.

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