The immorality of thieving essay


The researcher dedicates her desertion of work to her friends and family. To my brothers which can be always there to protect me. To my sisters that offered me all the things I needed in my daily living. To my uncle and my auntie who provided for me and lastly to my own mother that is so supporting and willing to risk every thing just for myself. The specialist would also like to commit her work to her friends who’ve recently been my cheerleaders for life.

-Beatrice Lim


The researcher would like to express her gratitude to several individuals who in a single way yet another contributed and extended all their valuable assistance in the prep and completing this analyze.

First and foremost to Miss Noemi Gigante, the researcher’s adviser and also the one who helped me with my operate and for the insights the lady had shared. The researcher really liked your support. To the researcher’s caring family intended for supporting her thru thicker and slender.

Assisting every maneuver I consider and every decision I generate. Also, she would like to give thanks to her family for sharing her their particular knowledge approach do this research work. The researcher was and so thankful to have a family as you.

The investigator would also like to appreciate her expert group pertaining to the joy they brought me via times of hardship when there were no explanation to laugh. But due to them they will always lighten up my day time To Sister Maria Dominica H. Seguban O. P. whose reassurance, guidance and support from the initial for the final level enabled myself to develop a knowledge of the subject. Last but not least, my loved ones and the one above all us, the ubiquitous God, pertaining to answering my prayers pertaining to giving myself strength to plod about despite my personal constitution wanting to give up and throw in the towel, thank you so much Dear Lord.


Subject: Stealing. Could it be moral or perhaps Immoral?

Researcher: Beatrice Andrea G. Lim

Year and Section: IV- Blessed Her of Aza

University: Dominican University

Tutor: Sister Helen Dominica L. Seguban U. P.

Date Finished: November 2014

Stealing is usually wrong and there defintely won’t be a time that it will be legal. Some people ponder over it okay because of the situation. Currently, a lot of people think that stealing can be described as way means get away from poverty. That’s why the researcher decided to conduct a research about the subject “stealing. Each time a person takes something that belongs to somebody else with out permission that may be stealing. The stolen object can be as as minute as a piece of sweets or as large as a car. It might be taken from somebody a person knows or perhaps from a stranger.

It is usually taken from a shop, a kind of stealing called shoplifting, or by someone’s residence. But no matter what, it’s robbing. People can steal words and concepts, too. For example, if someone takes your book report and tells the instructor that the girl ” not you ” wrote this, that’s an additional form of robbing. Imagine how upset you would be if that happened to you! The fact is that you have many ways being guilty of thieving. There are many different kinds of stealing. While many people be aware that stealing is usually not right, many people still practice various forms of it! A few may not recognize their remorse, but other folks justify this and even adore others who practice that.


These are generally the reasons why the researcher made a decision to do a research regarding tothe topic “Stealing. This research aims to solution the following concerns:

1 . ) What is stealing?

2 . ) What are the factors that contribute to robbing?

three or more. ) Precisely what are the different types of stealing?

4. ) What are the effects of stealing?

5. ) How can all of us prevent stealing?


In the Philippines, thieving is very popular especially on Urban Places like Manila, Makati, Quezon City and many more. Significantly, however , lots of people are becoming patients of these so-called stealing. This research will certainly describe a few of the problems included in the different varieties of stealing. Within the past few years, it is said that our nation “Philippines is considered as the Rising Tiger which means we are progressing. Yet why are there still numerous crimes of stealing? As you expected of our progress, stealing in our country ought to lessen. With this research, I will discuss several reasons why people still commit taking. Stealing a lot of say is definitely immoral & wrong, sometimes would admit it was a crucial way of life. Stealing is just common wrong, but nonetheless that doesn’t quit people coming from doing it.

They will don’t take time to realize the amount of trouble that they’re getting themselves into. Or possibly they simply don’t proper care, but they really should. Stealing is without excuses, explanations, or anything at all, because at the time you get caught that is it. You will find reasons why you mustn’t do this, very good ones, these are the things that persons should think about before robbing. First of all what would God say, do you consider that he’d actually need you doing this. Sure This individual forgives us for our sins, although do you want that guilt suspending over your shoulders, no, you don’t. The scriptures says, “Thou shall not steal,  although do you think of that at all. Taking is currently taking something that would not belong to you without asking. It is far from borrowing, or finding a thing, or using something, or perhaps having a thing with permission.


Stealing is usually taking some thing from another person. We are commanded by the 7th commandment to respect what belongs to other folks, to live about our organization agreements, to pay each of our just financial obligations and to certainly not charge a great exorbitantrate appealing when loaning to another. We should also use the points we have wisely and handle our items with value. In addition , this kind of commandment contains that we will not keep other folks from having what they deserve or acquire things and never returning these people. We inquire ourselves for what reason someone would have something that won’t belong to all of them.

We as well ask ourselves how people are able to go on day by day knowing that they have cheated someone or any company involving and revenue earned by simply hard work. Well there is no reply to that question; there are only things which the researcher may assume may be a reason for someone to want to perform these things. There are more reasons than anyone would ever be able to come up to clarify why someone shoplifts. The researcher are not likely to try and name them all sufficient to give you a thought.



This is quite straight forward. This is actually the excessive wanting to of prosperity, profit, and so forth This may become identified as having a very good or superb desire for food or beverage. People who are greedy are keenly desirous; excited. People experience this greed whenever they need more of anything they have. They need to possess multiple needs or deserves. A greedy person desires for everything and these at times lead to taking. There will come an area on other people’s life where they become so greedy but don’t have any economical means just what exactly they do can be steal to get that thing for free and at the same time getting benefited from your thing you stole installed for free.


This is looking the different to be miserable, can also could be revenge driven. The feeling of hatred. The emotion of hate; a sensation of dislike therefore strong that it demands actions.


People just decide on things up with out realizing that they belong to another person. This is the point out or truth of being ignorant wherein you lack knowledge, education, or consciousness. People at times don’t observe that they are committing stealing. Example of this is the expressing “Finders keepers. Well it feels good finding a ball pen on the floor especially when you forgot yours at home and you badly require it for your spiel, quiz, seatwork etc . so without any understanding of whom who owns that ball pen you only get it anduse it. Well it is even now wrong to get things that usually are yours. In that way you are practicing lack of knowledge. The best thing to accomplish is ask for whom it absolutely was and just borrow it afterwards.


A thing necessary or perhaps indispensable: an imperative necessity or requirement of something. Costly unavoidable want or compulsion to do anything. This is a state of being monetary need. This is why some people rob food and clothes the moment starving or in want. Some people have no enough money to preserve their every day needs that’s why they will steal. We can’t pin the consequence on them, they don’t have any bad intentions they’re just stealing for their needs yet even though you change the world inverted stealing will always be and forever be incorrect. Now, we all know the key reason why people take. It’s now time to know the several ways about how people rob.



Discussing start with Cheating. Cheating includes acts of plagiarism, evaluation copying plus the use of unauthorized notes or perhaps materials. This sort of actions possess negative effects about students. There are lots of reasons why pupils cheat at school and all of them reflect on three factors.


Students are being pushed by their parents to receive good marks.

College students were unsuspecting.

College students were too lazy to review or to analyze their lesson.

Last but not least, the challenge of trying to get aside with this.

However, by cheating the student is usually setting a pattern forever. Instead of accepting the challenge of learning they accept the challenge of not getting caught. Another things is usually when a college student gets found there are effects to be followed.


When cheating is repeatedly successful it can truly be a behavior. Cheating pupils learn they will receive credit rating for nominal work, which has negative effects issues work ethic someday. Cheating or shortcutting about work in a business-like ambiance can lead to serious professional problems, while proclaiming credit pertaining to other people’s job can lead to accusations of stealing articles, lawsuits or termination. These events might appear overstated, but the ethic at work in these scenarios is equivalent to that in cheating.


Second is definitely Shoplifting. Shoplifting is the legal action of stealing merchandise from a store while posing as a customer. Shoplifters may be labeled into two groups. The Professional and Non-Professional shoplifters.


Professional Shoplifters are junkies who grab to buy prescription drugs or solidified criminals whom steal pertaining to resale and profit as being a lifestyle. They frequently make other types of crimes and shortage any conscience or guilt. To deal with these shoplifters, the approach this is either a medications program or jail.


Non-Professional Shoplifters will be the people who from the majority of shoplifters and who steal for the variety of reasons, mostly relevant to common lifestyle situations and their personal potential (or inability) to cope. That they include those who are depressed, discouraged, anxious, motivated by peers, thrill seekers or perhaps kleptomaniacs. Non-professional shoplifting is rarely about greed or perhaps poverty. Really about persons struggling with personal conflicts and needs. These individuals know right from wrong, they know there are effects and they often have the money to pay, however they continue to take anyway.


The consequence of shoplifting are harmful to buyers. Stores can be forced to raise the price with their merchandise to make up for the expense of stolen goods. These kinds of increased prices may dissuade customers via supporting some businesses which makes even more unwanted effects of shoplifting.

Because teens are often the perpetrators of shoplifting offenses, teenagers may also suffer the unfavorable associated with shoplifting. Actually teens that have no objective of shoplifting may be discriminated because of the suspicionthat they may want to steal goods from a shop. The effects of shoplifting may make store owners suspicious of young adults and decrease them from coming into retailers. The effects of shoplifting also impel store owners to have backpack or bag check in policies, security cameras, guards or physical systems, and also other special security alarms in order to deter shoplifters and catch offenders. Many businesses is going to prosecute shoplifters to the full level of the rules. The legal effects of shoplifting vary by simply state and circumstance. The penalties for shoplifting often depend on the value of the merchandise stolen, and virtually any prior history of shoplifting.

Stealing subjects

Another way about how people grab is Plagiarism. Plagiarism can be an against the law form of burning. It means currently taking another person’s job (without asking) and calling it your own. Plagiarism can be unintended or intentional. Copying a whole essay or story and calling it your own is stealing articles. Copying a single sentence word-for-word without “quotations is also stealing subjects. Whether you hand that in to a instructor, or post it inside your blog, plagiarism is illegitimate in most nations.


People don’t know how you can put it within their own words.

That they thought that the world wide web is a legal.

That they don’t understand the rules of copyright.

That they wanted to win over their teacher.

They desired to get a better mark.

They don’t understand their assignment.

They may have small terminology.

They will don’t have time to work.

Their parents want those to get better marks.

You will find two main reasons why plagiarism is considered so really in the academic world: Authors and performers work very hard to create initial work. They deserve the credit and teachers would like to know that learners understand all their research.


Ruin the Scholar’s Reputation. Stealing articles allegations may cause a student to become suspended or perhaps expelled. Ruin a Professional Reputation. Aprofessional business person, politician, or perhaps public figure could find that the destruction from plagiarism follows these people for their entire career. Not only will that they be fired or asked to stage down from other present placement, but they will surely find it difficult to get another respected job. The legal consequences of stealing subjects can be quite critical. Copyright laws happen to be absolute. 1 cannot make use of another person’s material without quotation and reference.

Identity Thievery

Copying requires almost no efforts. There are also individuals that steal and call them Identity Robbery. This happens when someone steals your personal information and uses it with no your permission. It’s a critical crime that could wreak your finances, credit history, and reputation ” and can devote some time, money, and patience to fix.


Financial, because of the lure of easy money remains the greatest draw. Concealment because of the have to hide criminal involvement plays a powerful role in many identity theft offences. Life Challenges because of a recognized need for quick cash hard disks many identification thieves, as the Proper rights Department’s survey suggests.


Victims of identity robbery can go through many bad financial effects including, paying out higher curiosity and insurance costs, being refused for financial loans or credit lines, and multiple bank service fees, to name a few.

Grab Theft

Another way of robbing is Take theft. A criminal work of vigorously stealing via a pedestrian’s person whilst employing rob-and-run tactics. It truly is typical for 2 thieves to work together and ride a moped to create theft and escape less difficult. A person steers the car while another does the take action of fraud itself.


A person prone to theft is liable to:

A imprisonment term that might extend to 3 years

A fine

A person convicted to theft with assault or perhaps criminal push is liable to: A prison term of not less than one year and not a lot more than 7 years.

Shall become liable to caning.


Following is Piracy. The term “piracy refers to activities that are of a commercial mother nature, including actions that cause commercial injury. Anyone who acquires material without the permission of the person(s) who have the rights to the materials is pirating intellectual material. Piracy of intellectual real estate is split up into four different categories. These types are physical music piracy, counterfeits, bootlegs, and internet piracy.

Physical music piracy is the making or distribution of clones of appear recordings upon physical service providers without the permission of the privileges owner. Buccaneer copies in many cases are compilations, including the “greatest hits of a specific artist, or possibly a collection of a certain genre, including dance monitors.

Counterfeits are another type of physical piracy ” These are recordings or duplicates made with out required agreement, which are packaged to appear like the original while closely as possible.

Bootlegs are definitely the unauthorized songs of live or transmission performances. They may be duplicated and sold ” sometimes by a premium price ” without the permission of the artist, fonder or record company.

And finally, Internet piracy is commonly used to refer to various unauthorized use of music or other imaginative content around the internet. Including illegal computer software, torrent motion picture download, mp3 downloads.


Here are several things that people whom take part in pirating says.

It is a common practice.

Torrenting movies and downloading cost-free copies of E-books are only a common method of `seeking entertainment nowadays Experts already have a plenty of funds.

M. K. Rowling may not detect a reduction in income.

Digital content is too expensive.

I will acknowledge that costs on electronic books is not ideal, although pricing can be described as different conversation”you can’t take what you want, when you want, because you disagree with what’s charged. Everyone else is performing it.

There are a great number of examples of mainstream acceptance of pirating


If caught within a raid, all of your pirated points can be taken away from you. A direct result deficit. The illegal duplication and circulation of audiovisual materials through illegal camcording cinemas got almost murdered the film industry together a negative effect on the country’s economy when it comes to lost income and jobs. If trapped camcording, you’ll be put in to jail for the year or perhaps it may rely upon how big the crime can be. Computer shops who uses illegal software programs can be raided provides that just the computer hard disk drives and other storage devices may be seized by raiding group unless these items can not be readily removed, in which case the pc unit could be taken.


Many claims define theft as theft/larceny of real estate or money through the offender’s use of physical force or fear against a victim. Where a fatal weapon for instance a gun is utilized or the patient suffers harm. Essentially, robbery is fraud accomplished by violence or the danger of physical violence.


Robberies happen to be fairly common crimes, and several reasons for robbery which differ from a single crime to a different. Here are some of the most common reasons behind robbery. The unemployment concerns which motivates people to dedicate robbery to be able to feed your self or take care of one’s friends and family through tough times.

Another group of robbers will be those who are simply lazy, and therefore are habitual thieves, looking to generate quick money without any efforts. These people happen to be repeat offenders and they generally drift around committing robberies and other types of fraud as well. Drug addicts are usually potential thieves tosupport their medicine habit in the event that they do not carry down work or have different ways to make money in order to pay for their behavior. Sometimes criminal offenses are fully commited by individuals who have some form of mental deficiency or lack honnête etc . At times peer pressure among young adults also leads to robberies, with robbers in the past being researched to in society. One other common sort of offender is usually one from your lower monetary bracket of society who is just planning to better their lifestyle.


Robbery is recognized as a criminal offence. Most says and the government classify against the law that’s punishable by several year in prison being a felony. A lot of states look at a felony as any crime that’s punishable by simply any penitentiary time.

Common punishment intended for robbery conviction is a prison sentence. Phrase length depends on someone’s criminal record and case situations. A large excellent may also be made on top of virtually any prison word. States usually have increased punishments for cut robbery.


The first four tips really have a lot to say regarding our relationship with God. The commandments inform us more about how precisely we handle one another. Thieving is a tremendously selfish action that really does an immense amount of damage to everyone involved. Many people think that taking is a victimless crime, because it’s merely things. However, stealing not simply means choosing something you didn’t generate, but it also could cause people to truly feel vulnerable and less safe, even if they were not physically harmed in the thievery. Stealing is usually not, nevertheless , limited to life possessions. This may also involve taking spiritual items. We find ways to rob Our god of precisely what is His. For instance, if we have successes in our lives, we must give due credit to God.

He is the one who provides blessings. Once we pull people away from The almighty, we are robbing His persons. Stealing can come with some hefty penalties. In a few countries, for anyone who is found robbing you may lose a human body part or perhaps be pulled to close to death. In some cases, it could suggest death. However , in most cases it could mean a criminal record that Stealing could also mean burning off friends and family. Costly utter violation of a relationshipto steal coming from someone you know. Although you may aren’t thieving from them, just how can they find out they can trust you if you steal? Human relationships are develop a first step toward trust and honesty. Even the appearance that people can’t be trustworthy means associations can break.

And what happens when we consider from God what is His? When we don’t use the psychic gifts that God has provided, turn people away from Goodness, and more, we steal via God. We destroy that relationship we now have with Him by showing him through our actions that He cannot trust us. At some point we will certainly face a spiritual thinking for the actions can easily impact the ability to find employment or even in jail or perhaps prison time.


Exorbitant level: going much beyond precisely what is fair, reasonable, or predicted: too high, high-priced, etc .

Vital: extremely important and necessary.

Stressed: afraid or nervous especially about what may occur.

Kleptomaniacs: these are people who have mental illness when you have a solid desire to take things.

Larceny: the action of robbing something.

Deficita problem that produces a reduction in some capability.

Felony: an important crime.


In conclusion, because of the hardships which usually accompany lower income, crime is usually a direct result of impoverishment. For example , a household may not be able to purchase food stores because of low income jobs which are too few for the essential necessities children requires pertaining to survival. Therefore , for the sake of nourishing his or her friends and family, a parent may stealfood via a food store in frustration. However , while some crimes committed as a result of low income have understandable reasons behind these people, people likewise commit criminal activity with self-centered intentions.

In the event that an individual with an dependence on cigarettes or alcohol can be low in money, he or she may use holding up a convenient store in order to gain the cash he or she “needs in order to acquire the items that make the person happy. Therefore , crime is definitely connected to poverty. THIEVING IS INCORRECT. WHERE EVER YOU MAY GO TAKING WILL ALWAYS BE INCORRECT. AS GOD ONCE SET BY THE 10 COMMANDMENTS “THY SHALL NOT STEAL. STEALING DOESN’T DEPEND WHICH EVER YOUR SITUATION IS. IT TRULY IS UP TO US IF WE COMMIT SIN OR NOT. PERSONS ALWAYS HAVE AN OPTION. IF YOU’RE WITHIN A BAD SCENARIO STEALING IS NOT THE ANSWER. IF WE WANT TO ATTAIN SOMETHING WE OUGHT TO WORK HARD FOR IT.


There are several ways you can commence living great and to steer clear of stealing. Know your heart. What is inside your heart things. If you regularly desire things you don’t have and start to think about only taking them, it can result in actions of stealing.

Find out your items. God provides provided every single of us with spiritual presents. When we learn about our items, we give to God through the use of them. By using our gifts, we avoid robbing from God.

Believe hard about the consequences. You will find consequences about both a cosmopolitan and spiritual level. On the globe, you can encounter probation, imprisonment, lack of task security, and more if you are trapped stealing. But there are effects that look fantastic beyond our planet that we simply cannot even find yet.

Think of others. When we steal via others all of us hurt these people emotionally. Thievery is a huge infringement of trust and secureness, and it can do a lot of injury to people that individuals may no think about. Consider how you will feel if perhaps something was stolen from you before you take anything you didn’t earn.


Why People Pirate Software


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