The Concept of First Aid And Safety Education Essay

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First Aid – is a immediate, short-term care provided to a patient or victim of the accident before the services of your physician could be obtained. It can be applied to prevent further damage, reduce discomfort experienced by patient, and shock through the injury. Protection Education – is the reputation and avoidance of dangers causing disability or fatality in contemporary living.

Accident – is described as unplanned or unexpected celebration of occasions in a series of situations that results in property damage, injury, or death. The Hierarchy in the Seven Bases of Inspection in Case of Accident The General Directions in Providing First Aid (Standard Procedure) 1 ) Don’t move the victim from the placement you find him/her in, unless of course the situation is too dangerous that may cause additional serious injury. 2 . Examine breathing. In the event of stoppage or perhaps difficulty in breathing – a) Very clear the mouth and throat by lodged meals or anything at all causing obstruction. b) Utilize synthetic respiration if necessary.

3. Look into the pulse. If you have no heart beat, apply CPR. 4. Verify bleeding. five.

If the affected person is subconscious but inhaling normally – a) Turn the patient to his/her affiliate with the head below the body when there is back or perhaps neck wound. b) Crystal clear the mouth and throat by obstruction.

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