University education Essay

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Issue: some people believe that the aim of university education is to help graduates get better jobs. Others imagine there is much wider advantages of university education for equally individuals and society.

Discuss both sights and give the opinion? answers: As we all know that education so important in our life, not simply it the person well written and enriched with knowledge but it also helps us in several different ways. These days more and more people are making the choice to attend university. While some people are in the opinion which the only aim of a college or university education should be to improve task prospects, other folks think that culture and person benefits in much larger ways.

That is definitely true that a person of the main aims of uinversity should be to secure a more satisfactory job. the majority of the persons future job prospects and going to universitiesis one of the best ways to achieve this as it improves a persons valuable skills and also enhances a persons overall personality. In addition , additional education is incredibly expensive for many people, so may not consider it, if this would not supply them with a more protect future and a higher standard of living. As a result job leads are very important. however , you will discover other benefits for individuals and spciety too.

Fristly, living alone independently away from home is a benefit, because it helps students to develop better social abilities, teaches how to adapt to a situation and also enhances as a person. A case inside the point is the fact many college students will have to keep their families, live in halls of residence and meet new friends. Because of this, their maturity and assurance will increase enabling those to live more fulfilling lives. Secondly, culture will gain from the contribution that the participants can make for the economy. our company is living in a very competitive globe, so countries need well-informed peoplein order to compete nad prosper.

Consequently , i would like to summarize by saying that although female aim of university or college education is to get the best task, but you will find clearly further benefits. Whenever we continue to enhance and motivate university education, it will cause a better long term for individuals and society.

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