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The perfect structure of online passport registration gives security for the passports to get registered exactly where in we are able to fill all the details in an successful and easy fashion. A passport is a document, issued with a national Govt. This certifies, for the purpose of intercontinental travel, the identity and nationality of its holder.

The Portions of identity are name, date-of-birth, sex make of delivery most often, generally nationality and citizenship happen to be congruent. A passport will not of by itself entitle the passport holder entry in to another country, nor to consular security while abroad or any various other privileges it can.

However normally entitle the passport holder to return to his country that issued the passport. Legal rights to consular protection come up from international agreements, plus the right to returning arises from the laws of issuing region.

An individual can sign up for a passport irrespective of his or her age. The registration of passport is a major stage for providing of a passport.

It can be system or perhaps process in which an individual must provide exact details of his /her information that is personal and home information. Correct registration of the passport is very vital because all the details filled by the individual are depicted on the passport that is issued. Existing System:

This existing system is not really providing protect registration and profile supervision of all the users properly. This manual system provides us extremely less to safeguard saving info and some info may be misplaced due to mismanagement. In the earlier management system all the info required were taken by hand in the form of documents.

In this system every individual had to stand in a queue which in turn involved people in enormous numbers. Therefore maintaining of documents submitted for passport registration was obviously a tedious work as many simply no of individual apply for enrollment. In this the individual has to feel the passport business office foe joining of a passport through a govt. Agent.

The Govt. agent that is the vermittler, isresponsible intended for registration of passport and any oversight made by the agent makes it a major concern for the individual. These providers demanded plenty of money and were not generally concerned about keeping the details of each and every individual within a confidential and secured method. Hence the existing product is more time eating and involves more time. Proposed System:

The development of the brand new system contains the following activities, which make an effort to automate the complete process keeping in the perspective of database integration strategy. User friendliness can be provided in the application with assorted controls given by system rich user interface. This method makes the general project management much easier and flexible.

Various classes have been utilized for maintain the information on all the users and list. Authentication is provided for this application just registered users can access. Report generation features is offered using to generate different sort of reports. Through this system the person fills all the details or information required for passport reservation through online. The person has to fill up all the details and can’t leave any field as empty. Number of Quests:

The system after careful analysis has been discovered to be offered the following segments: Authentication and Security Module

Admin Module.

User Module.

Information Module.

Segments Description:

Authentication and Security Module

The user details should be confirmed against the details in the consumer tables of course, if it is valid user, they should be entered into the device. Once came into, based on the person type use of the different themes to be enabled / handicapped and individual user can adjust their standard password or old password. Admin Module

In this module the consumer can register an one more admin. He can here also view each of the application details of an applicant he also can revise status associated with an application. And he can also generate studies using survey module.

User Module

With this module a user of any age can enroll himself pertaining to passport (It may be new, renewal, lost). He can also view the status of his passport.

Information Module:

With this Module the Administrator can generate the various types of Reports in accordance to their get.

Computer software Requirements:

Operating System: Home windows XP/2003 Graphical user interface: HTML, CSS Client-side Scripting: JavaScript

Development Language: Java

Internet Applications: JDBC, Servlets, JSP IDE/Workbench: My own Eclipse 6th. 0 Databases: Oracle 10g Server Deployment: Tomcat your five. x

Hardware Requirements:

Processor: Pentium IV Hard drive: 40GB

RAM: 512MB or more


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