Arrange risk risks weaknesses essay

a. Unauthorized access from community internet – HIGH

b. User destroys info in app and removes all data – LOW c. Workstation OS provides a known software vulnerability – HIGH deb. Communication signal outages – MEDIUM

e. End user inserts CD’s and UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS hard drives with personal images, music and videos in organization held computers – MEDIUM installment payments on your

a. PO9. three or more Event Id – Identify threats with potential unfavorable impact on the enterprise, including business, regulatory, legal, technology, trading spouse, human resources and operational aspects. b. PO9. 4 Risk Assessment – Assess the chance and impact of risks, using qualitative and quantitative methods.

c. PO9. 5 Risk Response – Develop a response designed to mitigate experience of each risk – Recognize risk tactics such as prevention, reduction, acceptance – decide associated duties; and consider risk patience levels.

a. Unauthorized get from open public internet – AVAILABILITY

b. User destroys data in app and removes all data files – HONESTY c. Workstation OS includes a known application vulnerability – CONFIDENTIALITY m. Communication signal outages – AVAILABILITY

e. Customer inserts Compact discs and UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS hard drives with personal photos, music and videos in organization held computers – INTEGRITY some.

a. Unauthorized get from general public internet – Operating system, software patches, changes, change security passwords often , and hardware or perhaps software fire wall. b. Consumer destroys data in application and removes all data – Prohibit access intended for users to only those systems, applications, and data needed to perform their very own jobs. Decrease write/delete permissions to the data owner simply. c. Workstation OS includes a known application vulnerability – Define a workstation software software weeknesses window insurance plan. Update application software and security spots according to defined policies, standards, techniques, and guidelines. d. Interaction circuit outages – the role of countermeasures against catastrophic failures is not to eliminate all of them which is impossible, but to decrease their rate of recurrence and intensity. e. User inserts CD’s and UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS hard drives with personal photographs, music and videos in organization owned or operated computers – Disable interior CD

drives and USB plug-ins. Enable programmed antivirus tests for injected media drives, files and e-mail attachments. An malware scanning program examines brand new files with your computer’s harddrive for viruses. Set up anti-virus scanning to get e-mails with attachments. The Risk Management Process

a. Step one Identify the hazards

b. Step 2 Decide who have might be harmed and how

c. Step three Evaluate the hazards and choose precautions

d. Step 4 Record your findings and implement them

elizabeth. Step 5 Review your assessment boost if necessary


a. Danger or Weeknesses #1:

* Details – Interpersonal engineering/ set up web blocking software. 2. Application – Malicious and non-malicious hazards consist of inside attacks by disgruntled or perhaps malicious personnel and outside episodes by nonemployees just trying to harm and disrupt a great organization/ computer security, software program quality, and data quality programs. 5. Infrastructure – Terrorist organizations, both international and domestic/Natural forces such as time, weather conditions and disregard. * Persons – Reckless employees/Educating users

b. Threat or Vulnerability #2:

* Information – Intentional/Unintentional Action, electric battery backup/generator, writing file system and RAID safe-keeping * Application – Computer software bugs/ malicious act, antivirus security and network firewalls * Infrastructure – Power inability, Hardware failure/security fixes and system patches * Persons – malevolent act/ Training users

c. Threat or perhaps Vulnerability #3:

5. Information – zero-hour or perhaps day zero/ Zero-day safety, Secure Plug Layer (SSL) * Software – Keeping the computer’s application up-to-date 2. Infrastructure – malicious software/analyze, test, statement and mitigate. * People – Reckless employees/Educating users

6. True or Phony – COBIT P09 Risikomanagement controls goals focus on analysis and administration of IT risk. 7. Why is it important to address each identified threat or weeknesses from a C-I-A perspective?

8. Once assessing the chance impact a threat or vulnerability is wearing your “information” assets, why must you line up this analysis with your Data Classification Standard? How can an information Classification Normal help you measure the risk impact on your “information” assets?

9. When examining the risk impact a danger or weakness has on the “application” and “infrastructure”, for what reason must you align this analysis with both a server and application computer software vulnerability assessment and remediation plan?

12. When examining the risk effects a threat or weeknesses has on the “people”, we could concerned with users and workers within the Consumer Domain as well as the IT secureness practitioners who must apply the risk minimization steps identified.

How can you talk to your end-user community that the security threat or weeknesses has been identified for a production system or application? How will you prioritize risk remediation duties?

11. Precisely what is the purpose of making use of the COBIT risk management framework and approach? Assess the likelihood and impact of risks, applying qualitative and quantitative strategies.

12. What is the difference among effectiveness vs efficiency once assessing risk and risikomanagement? Effectiveness can be following the instruction of a specific job while efficiency does the teaching in reduced time and cost. They say Effectiveness is doing what’s right and efficiency does things rightly done.

13. Which three of the seven focus areas pertaining to IT risk management are primary concentrate areas of risk assessment and risk management and directly connect with information program security?

16. Why is it important to assess risk impact by four several perspectives as part of the COBIT P09 Framework? That assigns responsibility.

15. Precisely what is the name of the corporation who identified the COBIT P09 Risikomanagement Framework Explanation? Information Systems Audit and Control Relationship (ISACA).


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