Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work Essay

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  • Published: 01.10.20
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Speaking from my own experiences I might have to accept researcher Jean Anyon’s thoughts about the correlations between social class and education. i actually attended a great elementary school in North Philadelphia with children from generally low salary families. I attended secondary school within an affluent uppr middle class community. There may be definately a difference in the educational buudgets of those different schools which in my opinion adds to the difference in education and curriculum. In more well-off schools, financial resources are more conveniently at hand, through donation and fundraising towards a more economically secure community.

During these schools there is certainly an focus on college planning, rather than vacational training. Inside the inner city, sadly, expectations happen to be lower for young students. Right now, a large number of schools in Philadelphia don’t even have enough books for each student. Even though the differences in education within the interpersonal classes might seem unfair, and discriminatory, you have to see it by a different perspective. IN reality even more students via higher social/ economic classas will go on higher education; and more students via lower cultural classes is going to seek vocational careers.

There are many more options today in 2005, than when Jean Anyon wrote her article in 1980 about “hidden programs ” in schools. There are religion primarily based school, personal academies, and specialized charter school appearing everywhere. Every single guardian and student should research decide what they want off their education, and choose a college accordingly.

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