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All of us will go throughout the BP organization context and culture, basic safety aspect, business capability, responsiveness and risk assessment aspects of their honest culture, result from the supervision and triggered the devastation.

BP Organization Context and ethical lifestyle: From the BP management workplace aspects, they can be not stick to some physical level, basic safety procedure over and ignored which required by simply Act (e. g. Clean Air Act) above 8 12 months for their development. At the end the large explosion took place in March june 2006. Because of the hydrocarbon liquid seapage and water vapor, the ignition explosion consequence of the incident.

They did not give the shields protection equipment to protect personnel, this car accident killing staff and harmed people in Texas essential oil refinery. And the other issue of the Alaskan oil sewerlines leaked; their particular culture as well reflect the protection negligence within their operation and management. Not check the pipelines by regimen maintenance. BP management did not doing any corrective actions on the agreement worker learned the initial pipeline outflow in 03 of 06\, (e. g. whole quit the sewerlines operation intended for checking details), still waiting the seapage happen on August 06\.

And in March 2007 an additional spill in Prudhoe Bay, once again exhibiting that BP was dismissed the maintenance equipment and the security level of the availability. In 2010, violations again by BP services (at Ohio factory), the Occupational Basic safety and Overall health Administration (OSHA) found that workers might be exposed to personal injury or loss of life should forceful or burnable chemicals always be released in an Ohio manufacturing plant. The BP working environment have characteristic that may be resistance to change, lack of trust and inspiration; unclear expectations about organization and administration behaviors, generated rules if she is not followed consistently and no initiating improvements.

Administration did not set or consistently reinforce process safety, procedures performance and systematic to lower the risk. electronic. g. neglected the safety safety tools. (Reference 01) Organizational Capability: poor management and communication inside the complex firm, high turnover of refinery plant managers which will impact their persistence of duties. Inability to see the risk, poor level of risk awareness and process basic safety knowledge, electronic. g. the temporary member of staff doing incorrect on the hydrocarbons to ambiance with not clear control in the high risk and safety industry practice. Lack of early alert system in the refinery flower; e. g. poor connection, poor performance-management process and deteriorating the task standards.

Implies that BP permits the faulty process within their production refinery and sewerlines channel. However the project was carried out ahead of the extensive research to identify virtually any potential environment risks from the pipelines stretched to their network From the BP investor factors, even a huge amount of fees, criminal fees and penalties were paid out again. They will just simply concern the net income rather then employees, environment, foundation on their temporary focus with high level oversight on elimination or improvement and security management. However, production was shut down a month for mending; they simply focus on curriculum vitae the production which means profit as a priority.

In the interest group, e. g. National Seafood and Wildlife, the state legislation and action. BP was neglected their monitoring part, just paid the pay for or penalties to be a solution, but still running at their particular loosen administration culture. From the BP staff aspects, insider trading and fraud doc (mail fraud and cable fraud), and reward from your manipulate the propane industry at a high prices Ethics of the BP management, likewise lack of screen and warn of the inside control.

As the Nationwide oil organization, the supervision let organization making damage on break Act, not setting a highly control program for employees for prevention. These types of parts plainly showing the history of disregarding the health of stakeholders not follow the law and high level procedure and repair level of BP. Different refinery plane get their own security management system, and they did not reveal their best practice with others. So performing the same operate but jogging at different safety system level. So that as the employees of BP, through the result of the explosion, petrol leakage and fraud concern all of them are influencing their culture and financial damage.

They will know and maintain these BP culture but they do not matter until the accident or issue occurred. Coming from these aspects of the BP ethical lifestyle, and still simply no solid goes on improvement, then it was caused the Gulf of mexico Coast essential oil spill catastrophe. At the beginning, BP tried to switch their responsiveness to the company Transocean, Limited., loosen and negligence administration style (know but not concern style), lying on the incident real situation to open public.

And delay the recovery work which in turn subject to all their management decision and style.

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