The Prostitution of the Hawaiian Islands Essay

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  • Published: 11.13.19
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Lovely Hula Hands: Corporate Travel and the Prostitution of Hawaii Culture written by Haunani Kay Trask was written in 1993. Trask wrote this paper to share with Americans with what she considers of tourism, a “colonial imposition” on the Hawaiian traditions.

Trask includes ethos, pathos and logos throughout her essay to show how tourism effects these types of three details in the Hawaiian culture: The homeland, the chinese language and move of the tradition and the familial relationships. Inside the essay Lovely Hula Hands, Trask shares her emotions and thoughts with the visitor about the rape and prostitution of her native land. The lady explains that different Hawaiian traditions weren’t used for entertainment purposes because they are used today.

Trask mentions that many places that were well-liked by the local people once, have become resorts that just allow resort residents to enter and work with. Trask believes that The hawaiian islands was prostituted by the european culture and sure enough after some time the sacredness of the Hawaiian traditions and beliefs, “evaporated”. Trask was born on August 3, 1949 in the San francisco.

Kenneth Conklin, an interviewer said, “Therefore she is an American citizen, despite her protests that “I am No American. I will DIE before I am an American. She’s also a great immigrant to Hawai’i, no

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