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Both days Local Level CBSE Science Event with the motif “Science & Technology intended for Challenges in Life” was hosted by simply Essar Worldwide School in 16-17th Aug. The event noticed young fervent participants via different parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan putting up 72 participatory exhibits comprising of innovative doing work models and investigation structured projects. The programme was inaugurated by simply Col. Kannan, a dignitory of Essar Management. Having been very impressed by the sales pitches and congratulated the individuals.

The demonstrates by the different schools had been indeed eye openers in various subject areas related to Green electricity provider, Innovation in Transport, Conversation, Agriculture, Technology, Bio- variety, Community Well being, Environment & Mathematical Building. The idol judges applauded the students for their new ideas which in turn would help the world becoming a much better place to live in. Mrs. Sunita Matoo, Principal, Essar International University, thanked each of the participating clubs for making this event a success and appreciated their novel projects.

She also summed up the the case essence of the exhibition simply by saying ‘science gives all of us tools of immense electric power and as with any other form of power, the misuse is always a possibility. It therefore, becomes incumbent on us to become judicious and use these wonders with maximum care’. Students from a large number of schools of Navsari, Bharuch and Surat had come to view the projects which often proved to be a learning experience for them.

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