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In life almost always there is a person, or role model you will look up to and admire. A person may possibly admire their job model, or perhaps mentor, for their looks, humor, or even general personality. Regardless of who you are there is always someone who you make an attempt to emulate somehow, shape, or perhaps form throughout your life. There is no limit to the quantity of part models one person can have got. There might be one individual whose ideas you look in and believe whole heartedly, or you might take portions from a vast quantity of others to be able to create your own unique identity, and ideas.

For myself, a prominent mentor was my high school Chemistry and Physics instructor, Mr. Robert Hage.

I actually admired my personal Chemistry instructor not for his thinning white hair, or perhaps for that matter any one of his appears, other than his always happy smile. I instead looked up to him as a advisor due to his unique personality, and his great intelligence.

He had loving cats, liberal ideals, and sweaters with an odd design displayed strongly on the front side. Mr. Hage had a wonderful sense of humor, and was an enthusiastic musician. These were the reasons which i admired Mr. Hage, because these were aeroplanes that I got interest in and that I could study from him in.

In the classroom Robert Hage was what a few students will call ‘a perfect teacher’ he was not incredibly stringent, he don’t ever hand out detentions, but instead tends to make a mockery of the any student that unintelligently disrupted his category, but did so in such a sly, humorous way, that even the victim with the mockery will be laughing uncontrollably. Robert Hage lived a great expansive life that led him though a great number of jobs including a Music performer, Chemist, Physicist, Author, Senior high school teacher, and then, a instructor. Through this kind of vast specialist history he showed an excellent passion intended for everything he previously done, and in doing so received a large amount of know-how, in which he’d pass on to his students. This is what I admired many about Mister. Robert Hage; I respected his knowledge and passion of things he did.

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Within my sophomore year of high university I entered room 211 to go to Biochemistry and biology class. I had fashioned always loved classes that pertained to a scientific field, and wished that Chemistry would come as easily as the other subjects needed to me. Yet , my freshman year the teacher who have lectured the Biology school had no interest in the topic she trained and succeeded half-heartedly; We started to dislike the class. And so i was careful about an additional teacher who have just wanted to make it through the class more so than educate the students. Obviously, I was turned out wrong, very wrong. Can be of Biochemistry and biology class Robert Hage performed a serious of ‘mystifying’ trials such as lamps Magnesium burning down, which burns with a flame so white it will make you seeing spots, and positioning pure Sodium in a beaker of drinking water, which will combust. Mr. Hage then explained “For individuals who had questions coming into this room, Biochemistry and biology is fun. That was all Required to hear in order to know that this would turn out to be a fortunate submit events.

Since the year proceeded it seemed that my own teacher and I had a lot more in common than I had at first hoped for. I was at an era where I had not yet considered a stance on any kind of real problems but usually sat uncomfortably on the fencepost. When I identified myself pondering serious life questions, just like religion, this individual showed myself answers through science and that it was totally fine not to acknowledge a religion whatsoever as long as you may provide evidence to support the claims. This is a new strategy that got never recently been provided for me, and furthermore it wasn’t force fed to me. Once i questioned national politics he offered the advantages of a liberal standpoint, yet all the while permitting me realize that as long as I could justify my ideas, it had been alright to take whatever viewpoint I wanted.

Even though, with every route that was opened, this individual always informed the group in which it absolutely was presented to, not to only blindly recognize what this individual said and run with it, but to examine both equally sides carefully and choose that you thought was your right one. With not only a rekindled interest in science, I was also left with the newest interest of rhetoric and debate. With Mr. Hage’s encouragement I joined the high school issue team. If the season came for debate matches to begin; Robert Hage had some more tips for me that was, it is important to learn how to argue your side, but more important to know how the opponent is going to argue their own, and the ideal strategy is to beat these their own phrases and details. I will never forget these phrases, and they are stuffed with what is i believe some of the most valuable wisdom you will hear.

Robert Hage played out a large position in sculpting my current day personality, in fact it is because of him that I have developed an long lasting love pertaining to music, and am now fluent in playing five different devices. He is as well the reason i am comfortable with views that may not end up being shared with a vast majority. Primarily, he is the cause I chose the road in life which i did; he is the reason that I am presently pursuing my own majors in the Chemistry and Pre-Medical fields.

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