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We have recently have been completely privileged in meeting and hearing the President of the United States of America speak at our school.

Just before his arrival we, as well as the secret service would required perform risikomanagement approach guaranteeing the safety from the president and everybody in the vicinity of the president. It is vital that before his arrival we are able to identify all of the potential risks when he concerns Hartford. Second after discovering the risks we all given the work of dealing, and elimination of these hazards. Do to the high profile and importance the president should be to our region we need ensure and assure his protection from the airport terminal to the University or college of Hartford and back again on to Bomber command One. There are many risks when ever transporting such an important person.

Risks incorporate terrorist harm where someone plants bombs or IED on grounds. There is also the threat of potential a gunman/gunmen as the president is speaking or perhaps when they are transporting him to his desired destination. It is a much more difficult to protect Obama when he is certainly not in the white house.

Additional risks can include trespassers or perhaps unwanted people entering the campus while the president is speaking. The president is very vulnerable if he steps out of his plane and when he is outside the house getting out of armored limo. He can also very vulnerable when he standing up alone providing his talk on the stage.

All of these dangers are conceivable and its crucial we recognize that they are there. After discovering the risks associated with the Presidents check out we now have to cope with them. While protocol we normally transfer the leader in the Beast a seriously armored legamo that can deflect any episodes. We also provide two the same limos so that if attacked the chance of someone picking the proper car is minimized. In case the limo is unprintable or you will discover something that helps prevent the Director from driving a car to the institution we have micro helicopters that can travel him by simply air for the campus.

With all the many roads leading to the campus we all map the quickest approach to make it happen and all crisis roads routes that can be used in emergency. Inside the invitation we all sent out for the school, we all kindly ask people to not bring virtually any bottles and since few assets as possible to ensure nothing harmful enters the gym. To prevent a total loss in leadership if the President was to be kept incapable of leading the nation we all normally hardly ever bring the President and Vice President to the same place and we are able to include someone still left in charge.

To consider preventive activities against most risks, our company is only allowing students, professors of the University of Hartford to attend, and those who are personally asked by the Light House. Subsequently either law enforcement officials or magic formula service teams will shield all entrances and completely. We are therefore able to limit the number of outsiders from going into the premises of the school and health club. We are likewise going to have the ability to roads the motorcade will probably be traveling in so that there is not any obstruction plus the president will get to his destination.

To avoid any potential risks just like gunmen via entering the gymnasium that could be a threat to the president almost all secret service members are armed to shield the edge and eliminate the threat. Along with equipped security we are having airport like protection, which metallic detectors so that anything like guns or other fatal weapons will be detected. With the threat of possible terrorist attacks, bomb-sniffing dogs are going to be deployed to sniff away any explosives all through the sports center and campus.

Lastly in case the roads are blacklisted while driving and there is any threat in the area, Sea 1 will probably be on standby to portage the director immediately to the airport in which he board Bomber command 1 . Using these dangers identified i was able to take the appropriate actions necessary to prevent them. With well planning for a guarantee that the president could have safe passage to and from the college. On the grounds we be sure that there is no feasible points of access for a harmful person to, and to make sure no weapons which may make its way into the build or within the campus.

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