Registration and Billing System Essay

Since the usage of manual system on payment is very time consuming, it is usually completed and utilized only by extremely little establishments.

That’s where the introduction of computer technology integrated with manual methods started in businesses. This system will deal with the company billings and also keeps a record of stocks and shares. It is not only highly appropriate but likewise saves enough time and funds over the permanent. The main advantages of a electronic billing and accounting system is fast and accurate bills, credit paperwork, purchased orders, printing claims and salaries documents are typical done automatically. The accounting records will be automatically up-to-date; the data can be instantly offered and can be distributed around different users in different places at the same time.

Computerized accounting programs lessen staff time doing accounts and reduce review expenses since records will be neat, up-to-date and appropriate. Billing program can give the business and its consumers all of the required data that they may need for products related to invoicing. The major advantage of having invoicing system in place is that they let you effectively deal with customer obligations. The Regal Residence Condominium is the third project of a proven and tested business, the BESTWAY Construction and Development Organization, in the field of Real-estate Residential Creation.

The task was considered to offer an innovative property investment opportunity and set a benchmark in making upscale residence-service service provider, a lucrative business. The project was completed in a period of time of one 12 months, from the ground breaking in Sept 2010 to receiving the Certificate of Occupancy in September 2011. The Hoheitsvoll Residence Condominium has been proven to meet the growing requirement for convenient, secure and wholesome residence-provider and as a second home to certified university and college students, board reviewees, and young professionals in the city City of Baguio.

The Hoheitsvoll Condominium is actually a 7-storey building with four commercial devices (canteen, mini-mart and share bar, laundry shop and salon spa) and 12 condominium residential dormitory models. Each device consists of doze condotel-like bedrooms. The Royal Condominium is found along Rimando Road, Alboreo Hill- Trancoville, Baguio Metropolis. 1 . a couple of STATEMENT WITH THE PROBLEM The research aims to design a computerized registration and billing program for Royal Condominiums. The proposed system will decrease, if not, eliminate the existing problems the business encounters with regards to the registration and billing system.

The minimization and or removal of the existing problems could then associated with information more beneficial, efficient and reliable. It will likewise facilitate a great organized invoicing system to get the user through the implementation of a computer based info system which will help in the organization’s operations to get more efficient and reliable. The study aims to response the following inquiries: 1 . some IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY The researchers have conducted a study regarding the application of a Front Office System (FOS) with regards to Billing and Registration to Regal Dormitory and Condominium because there is no existing Details System (IS) yet. Manual transactions of more or less two hundred tenants include given rise to challenges in control records.

Consistent with this, this study of application of a FOS provides an appropriate answer. It will offer a faster recording transaction and even more accurate records to improve the business process. A shift via manual deal to an computerized one can benefit both business and the residents intended for both greater satisfaction and comfort. Being a student is never easy. Yet this analyze will make the researchers even more patient and prepare them to the fast approaching world of business.

As learners, it will help the researchers end up being knowledgeable in the operation of a business. Considering they are yet to get businesswomen, it is a stepping natural stone to professionalism and reliability. To various other researchers, this will serve as tips and a motivation. Issues had been downpayment but achievement is always priceless, indeed. 1 ) 5 SCOPE AND DELIMITATION The research was conducted to give methods to the problems being encountered by Royal Home Condominium-Dormitory.

Doing such research requires a further understanding the concerns of the business entity. Your research covers the problem of the stated business business with regards to their registration and billing system. The analysts proposed an info system Registration and Billing Program which can help the entity to lessen mistakes when it comes to documenting transactions among all of their tenants (College students, reviewers, transients and others) since the entity does not have an existing information program. The recommended system could then need less processes and human errors together with the desired result of the enterprise.

More or less two hundred tenants occupy the explained entity through which it composes of men and women of with different grow older brackets. Tenants of the dormitory came from different provinces who have are usually students. The explained entity is near educational institutions and also around different business establishments which offered interest to customers to live to the Royal Dormitory and Condominiums. Prior to research started out, researchers slated interviews which were used by the researchers to create a proposed system by conducting an interview while using owner/manager which have great control over the subscription and payment system of the company.

With the help of the data given by the owner/manager in the entity, research workers were able to understand the main problem of their entity and also propose an appropriate Information Program with regards to the issue. The experts collected the needed info and details for their proposal. After gathering such details, problems becoming encountered by Royal Dormitory and Condominiums were established and likely solutions were planned.

Nevertheless , different concerns may also come up especially if the recommended system of the researches will probably be effective or might add more mistakes with regards to the documents of the business entity which in turn composes of payment of rent, electric bills, food, violations, and others. The management need to make sure that the staff or worker who will control or work the recommended Information Program must have understanding and be able to understand how to handle when he/she encounters problem with the machine. The proposed system will not cover deficits and injuries with regards to personal things, cash, or devices inside the condominium.

It simply covers the organizing or recording several transactions that are registration of every tenant, all their monthly payments of rents or violations and billings of each tenant. The researchers limited the research with these operations to be able to focus on a certain issue which the enterprise needs at the moment. First month of using the information program may result to confusion about how it works and it might also provide positive impact while using management and in addition with the tenants. We are unable to also reject the fact the proposed Details System may well arise several problems but as much as is feasible avoid them.

The said research will take five months to finish and be able to help the entity fix their complications and the proposed system provides a useful life of 3 years. 1 . six DEFINITION OF TERMS Billing Program It is a combination of computer software and components that receives call fine detail and support usage information, groups these details for specific accounts or customers, makes invoices, creates reports for management, and records (posts) payments made to customer accounts. Information System That consists of a number of people, techniques, data, models, technology and partly official language, developing a cohesive structure which usually serves a few organizational purpose or function.

Registration Program it is just a system that enables registrars to generate changes to the database instantly. References: Confidential. (2012). Management snformation systems (MIS). s 3 Billing system. (2009). Billing dictionary. Retrieved via Glossary. (2009 2013).

Western Identity. Retreived from The suggested system is a 3-Tier web-affiliated. 3-Tier Structures is a Client/Server Architecture.

In registration system, as a result, after entering trainees data towards the system, user can have confirmation to assure the students was enrolled in the exam and the exam invoice to be directed at the student. To get the credit reporting subsystem, it will be easily recognize how many learners applied for test and the charges required for each student. Last is the repository subsystem the place that the user can download the files required to manage the activities.

Computerized Invoicing for Period Improves Client Communication and Firm Earnings As reported in the document entitled Computerized Billing for Time Enhances Client Connection and Organization Profitability by Murphy (1996), he explained that, accounting firms may improve their success and relation with clients by robotizing client payment with computers. Accounting companies can use computer as a cost-effective means of computerizing the payment process. A Computerized Payment System allows accounting firms to more effectively manage all their employee’s productivity and give them the means to analyse the hours offered and several hours billed of each and every employee.

A Computerized Payment System delivers more control over accounts receivable and client work operations. Computer in Today’s Globe Philippines According to the article entitled, Computer In Today’s World Philippines simply by Bitter (1995), stated the function performed by the laptop division of numerous organizations is now identified as info processing system expedite many business features such as the accounts payable program. They keep records of vendor’s number, special accounts and dates of payments.

There are many advantages in using a great accounts payable package: all information remains in a single done automatically; calculations are made; enough time involved to complete work can be greatly reduced. Info to Pc and Information System In line with the article entitled Information to Computer and Information System by Syzmanski (1998), Personal computers are used in operation for many responsibilities that can be grouped into category called data processing. Data processing contains tasks just like word control, billing, and assembling number and information associated with standard office features, such as purchase processing, products on hand and payment.

A loss of even a sole paper or possibly a document can cause a burdensome situation for the business, mainly because all of the documents are related. Another difficulty states that the data cannot be shared or utilized by distinct persons as well. Actual movements of the data must be done produce it usable by many persons at any time. To sum it all up, these problems should be fixed by modifying or bettering its procedures.

Time is actually of the essence, in fact it is very important in businesses. Simply by the pure identification and analysis with the problems getting showed in the existing system, it would cost the business on its own MORE when these are certainly not solved. Additionally, they conducted a feasibility examine with regards to all their proposed program.

They considered as the technical, behavioural, and monetary feasibilities from the study. They identified points from application to the equipment that the system might be employing once it can be implemented. In terms of behavioral feasibility, they examined or evaluated the behavior with the end users from the system which may affect the system’s implementation. A lot of people are resistant to changes. So , a good estimation should be made on how strong a reaction an individual staff may have towards development of a computerized program.

As the goal of the system is only to satisfy the information needs, simply no employees will forfeit their position by the recommended system. Actually the recommended system may help the organization in reducing the voluminous work engaged. With the economic feasibility involved, the procedure is usually to determine the benefits/advantages and savings that are expected through the system and compare that with the costs to be made once implemented.

If the benefits outweigh costs, such as staff members and hardware and software costs, it is said to be the fact that system is approved and ready to always be designed and implemented. However if in any other case happens, in which costs are greater the benefits, further more alterations must be made in so that it will make the recommended system a much better one. Design and Implementation of Accounting Models intended for Services in Agent-Based Details Systems Relating to Rupert Rockinger and Hubert Baumeister, the fast growing field of electronic commerce delivers today’s applications to their limitations.

Information devices are now being used to further handle the processes. A fully automated method can also help busy users who want to spend as little time as possible with a single purchase. A system capable of accounting can come back the necessary product without the need of any further attention by the consumer.

In the analyze of Rockinger and Baumeister the design and implementation from the basic agent framework billing system (BABSy) is referred to. It includes a review about repayment models in everyday life, regions of the system that are already getting used today, and where BABSy takes its put in place this framework, and identifies the structure of BABSy and its execution using the FollowMe framework. The term ‘service’ can be used in the research instead of products since in the electronic world goods in many cases are virtual. Obtaining information such as can be considered the service of supplying this data.

With the benefits of agent technology at heart, one would anticipate that there are various solutions available for accounting in commercial agent frameworks. This kind of, however , is not the case at this time. Typically this is due to the reality agents cover only a certain aspect of the behavior model. To spot the engaging agents let’s take a look at a standard transaction. Claim, for example , you acquire a meal at the favorite cafe.

Two get-togethers are evident: you, the paying customer, and the providing restaurant owner. The third party in the interaction is a bank service that delivers the guarantee for the payment used. When spending cash this can be a central lender of a region that warranties the value of your bank paperwork; for mastercard payment this can be a credit card company; and when paying out by check this will be financial institution that granted the check. Either way there is always a third party involved that both other folks must identify and trust.

So within the agent platform three 3rd party components happen to be needed. One particular for the provider, a single for the client and a 3rd that presents a banking service. With this paper the design of the accounting system BABSy for solutions in an agent community was presented. This can greatly improve the value of electronic trade applications later on. The design of the BABSy primary components addresses the most important payment models when still going out of room for further functionality.

The majority of components can be extended intended for much greater intricacy if preferred. The ease of get and the convenience that regular online payment providers will be doubled by personalization from the existing systems by immediately integrating the billing and payment system for the provider’s consideration that improves efficiency and reduces time is called the consuming manual payment finalizing. He as well cited inside the article the steps taken in the personalized on the web payment which starts by sending a personal notification that directly goes to the patient via notification or email.

In that letter, there would be an existing link and password that might lead them to the patient’s personal website where the existing personal data and the companies the patient has gone through. In the stated link, the sufferer can already pay their very own bills through credit card, debit card, or ACH prove account and can update their particular personal information. And with just one single click of a button, their payment is processed, affirmation of payment is sent to both the provider and the sufferer, and the funds is already lodged into the provider’s account. Sources: Al-Shaikh, A. M. (n. d. ) Online enrollment system. Retreive from Anjana, A. K., Anjana, B. D., & Jain, S. (n. d. ) Billing system.

International school of informatics and management. Jaipur. Snow, M. (2012). Online invoice payment 2 . 0. Health Management Technology, 33(10), 18-19. Bitter, Whilst gary G. (1995).

Computer in Today’s World Philippine. The McMillan Com. Smith, Murphy L. (1996). Computerized billing for time improves customer communication and firm profitability. (Management of an accounting practice) the CPA journal Syzmanski, Robert A. (1998). Introduction to computer and information devices. merrill creating co.

Ur. Rockinger. (1999). Design and implementation of accounting models for providers in agent-based information systems. Master’s thesis. Institut f ur Informatik.

Universit at M unchen, M unchen. Germany. 3. 2 STUDY TOOLS The researchers employed some posted journals and other related study papers for reference and then for comparability purposes. 3. a few EXISTING SYSTEM Currently, the Royal Home is making use of the Microsoft Excel as its system.

This software is a diffusion sheet app developed by Ms for Microsoft company Windows and Mac OPERATING-SYSTEM X. It features calculations, graphing equipment, pivot furniture, and a macro coding language. Using excel, the company is able to keep a record of the tenants. One unit has its excel document where just about every tenant offers his/her personal worksheet wherever his/her sum due can be found. In that worksheet, the resources payable of the tenant and even the different payables just like penalties/ interest are already calculated just by getting into the formula.

Since the program can perform the calculation, the corporation can decide the total amount because of of each tenant by using the functions of excel. In this system, the company even now performs the manual suggestions. 3. 5 PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED WITH THE EXISTING SYSTEM During the interview treatment with Miss Maria Vilma T. Lerpido, Marketing Police officer from the Accounting Management in the Royal Property Condominium-Dormitory, we all asked her if they have been facing some problems with the registration and billing program they are using in the business.

And as evidenced by the interview all of us conducted and through the observation, we have figured out a few complications while using system. Concerning the regal residence condominium-dormitory, time is one of the problems they may be encountering with their system. We could say that that is time-consuming mainly because manual insight of data is being practiced. Furthermore, we, the researchers, have got noticed that the records of the tenants in each unit in their condominium-dormitory are being individually submitted in stand out. Each excel file contains the records with the each renter in different worksheets.

One file is equivalent to one particular unit, with several rooms, in the condominium-dormitory wherein it includes its related tenants’ records. The document consists of the tenants’ repayment dues from the monthly rental up to the electric and water bills a tenant has incurred. Computation in the penalty costs and other expenditures by the renter is being performed by the Microsoft company Excel on its own.

Thus, once an authorized staff looks for a tenant’s information, it would take some time for him searching the name from record of the documents saved inside the computer. Therefore , what if all of the tenants more or less 2 hundred might pay their particular dues concurrently, would the staff do the calculations that fast and easy considering that s/he will be accommodating numbers of clients in just a short period of time? The program must be produced to improve their performance, less cost, fewer pressure, and with that, the personnel can just simply search for the records with the already-computed charges, after that, it can already be printed being a physical proof of the tenant’s accounts.

At times, the money paid could be utilized to other higher income producing investments, with higher confidence of come back. When the product is implemented, you will see a reduction of labor force. There will be less work opportunities pertaining to human resource. And in some circumstances, the work force would be as well dependent while using system, and considering that the device is not really 100 % guaranteed clear of error. If the labor force doesn’t personally look into the entered info, an overstatement or understatement of accounts may happen.

Though, this is one-in-a-million case, the device still owns accuracy. The machine still uses the input data. As soon as they are incorrectly done, the program will also offer an incorrect output. For example , if the tenant/administration came into a wrong tenant number for the specific repayment, then the system will follow that which was entered.

It cannot find such an error. The system is restricted to cash payment simply. Credit cards and bank deals are not involved.

Registration and Billing System consists 3 entities tenant, administration, and accounting. In this system, it starts with the renter entity in which it gives details that are necessary by different entities. After the tenant offers those details, the system will work onto it in order to create outputs through the entities inside the said program. 4. 2 . 2 PICTURE 0 Picture 0 is a confounded edition of the context diagram that shows the major processes done in the system. The beginning of these processes is to classify the old and new tenants.

If tenants are fresh, a new account is created, kept in a data store, and the tenant details are used by the system to proceed to the next operations produce statement, apply payment, and lastly, create information needed by administration and accounting agencies. On the other hand, when old tenants are fixed, processes would already comply with (same while using preceding processes with a new tenant) Process several of Diagram 1 uncovered three even more internal operations find tenant documents (3. 1), classify dues (3. 2), and calculate payment thanks (3. 3).

The processes are related to obligations previous dues, metropolis services, and rent obligations. They have to create statement of accounts to tenants and invoice information to accounting entity, plus the cycle proceeds. Process 4 of Plan 1 uncovered three further more processes record payment (4.

1), create funds receipts (4. 2), boost account (4. 3). They produced and updated accounts to the engaged entities, tenant and accounting, respectively. 5. 3 ADVICE Registration and Billing Method is effective.

However , some recommendations are advised. The researchers recommend further study in the system. It truly is believed that longer period of research gives more information that might let users maximize the power of the program.

It is also recommended that the visible presentation of the system become improved. For validity functions, a good image presentation will let the users input the best data. This will reduce human mistake.

The system includes only the enrollment of the tenants themselves. Sign up of all possessions, particularly individuals gadgets and appliances, can be therefore advised for protection purposes. In addition , the system is restricted to cash payment just. As a result, the researchers recommend that credit and bank ventures be included.

The experts also recommend making an assessment of the tenant’s standpoint about the system. It is important to acknowledge this since Royal Residence is present because of all of them. 5. a few CONCLUSION

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