Marketing Management – Caselet on Organic Foods Essay

General Understanding of the truth, 3 C’s Scenario and Analysis Of Complete Promoting Environment: Organic and natural food identifies food items that are made, processed and packaged without using chemicals. Organic food is increasingly becoming well-liked due to its perceived health benefits more than conventional food. The market is growing rapidly since the past five years and has caught the attention of maqui berry farmers, manufacturers and, above all, buyers.

The health benefits of organic foodstuff are more recognized than genuine. However , people opinion that organic food is much healthier than typical food is fairly strong and it is the sole reason for about 30% growth in the organic foodstuff industry since the past 5-6 years Generally speaking, organic foodstuff consumers, producers and farmers strongly trust in organic food having following benefits more than non organic food:? Better health: Seeing that organic foodstuff is not prepared applying chemical manures and pesticides, it does not include any records of these good chemicals and may not affect the human body.

Better taste: People strongly assume that organic foodstuff tastes a lot better than non organic and natural food. The prominent basis for this perception is that it truly is produced using organic means of production. Even more organic foodstuff is often sold locally leading to availability of fresh produce on the market.

Environment basic safety: As damaging chemicals are certainly not used in organic farming, there is certainly minimal garden soil, air and water pollution; hence ensuring a safe world to get future decades to live in. Pet welfare: Dog welfare is an important aspect of creating organic dairy, organic beef, organic poultry, and organic fish. People feel happy that the family pets are not confined to a miserable caged life although eating organic animal goods.?

Popular organic food items contain organic tea, organic coffee, organic wine, organic meat, organic beef, organic and natural milk, organic honey, organic and natural vegetables, organic and natural fruits, organic and natural rice, organic corn, organic herbs, organic essential essential oils, organic coconut oil and organic essential olive oil. Indians favor organic maintains, tea, honey, cashew rechausser and numerous flours. The organic strategy is certainly not limited to food products. Due to excessive usage of hazardous chemicals in cosmetics, folks are turning towards organic cosmetics, garments etc . ACNielsen, survey advises preference of shoppers for functional foods – foods that contain additional health rewards.

India was among the top five countries exactly where health meals, including organic and natural food, was demanded by consumers. World wide, Organic alternatives are purchased in hopes of health reasons. Over two thirds of study respondents feel that organic meals are healthier for them and their children. This healthier perception can be consistently solid across the Asia Pacific place.

Online Indians top record with 87 percent of shoppers purchasing organic foods determined by the perceived benefits they will derive for children’s’ health. Health Benefit for kids is observed, hence also willing to pay more. Organic food market is still a expanding market, particularly in India. Most people who eat organic food don’t buy it regularly. Hence need to sell other health products as well if one particular wishes to obtain a daily (or at least weekly) visit from their customers.

Indian organic and natural food buyer needs education.? There are many consumers who are not aware the difference between natural and organic meals. Many people purchase goods labeled as Organic thinking that they may be Organic.

Organic food identifies food items that are produced, manufactured and handled employing organic means. Natural food, on the other hand, generally refers to foods that are not improved chemically or synthesized in just about any form. They are derived from plant life and family pets. Thus a natural food item is definitely not necessarily organic and the other way round.

Further, individuals are not aware with the certification system. Since certification is not really compulsory for domestic selling in India, many imitation organic products can be found in the market.? Queen.

1 (a) Your organization, which will already market segments branded Indian spices and flours, is planning to your domestic market with organic and natural foods in related items. Segment the market for organic and natural foods, identify the target you as an organization will choose and create a positioning program. The Company is into brand name Indian spices or herbs and flours ( Consumer non long lasting category ) and includes a robust Extensive Distribution route & business. They can use this kind of strength for making the Advertising environment favorable to releasing organic food in the related products.

Understand Consumer making decisions process: Company needs to focus on the benefits and experiences ( Basic need of Hunger, Reliability need of being safer choice and Overall health ) produced by these Organic foods more than non organic ones & Question so why their buyer will as well as is purchasing the Organic products. Give full attention to the Health want, influence customers by teaching them and providing adequate information on Organic and natural foods. Allow them to evaluate alternatives and produce firm and favourable order decisions.

The business will expand market share basis this and increase customer satisfaction & resultant profits. Generate pull with adequate & clear conversation and make use of ultimate drive at dealer / supplier end – i. elizabeth. modern selling format – in-store special offers In terms of chance will look by i) Application i. e. new organic products in present market and also ii) Related Product Diversity – New organic product in new market – from usual branded Seasonings & Flours to Organic ones. Can easily further increase the product line with the help of packaged Organic Bread with added nutritional supplements / vitamin supplements; Whole grain, high fibre products; Cereals and pulses.

At a afterwards stage likewise introduce other Organic foodstuff lines like Vegetables, Fruits, Fruit juices and so forth Marketing will certainly determine which usually attributes happen to be most important in influencing a consumer’s decision to purchase. Primarily being a Buyer non-durable ( FMCG ) category of item, the participation will be low. But with the increased consciousness, emphasis on the emotional Overall health need, Credence attribute, steady quality and value to customer, will consider at shifting our goods to excessive involvement and Brand loyality.

Therefore , creating awareness amidst consumers and within the circulation chain could be seen as a possibility for internet marketers to find a placement for Organic and natural foods professing health benefits, to talk to a larger base. Item – Is going to prefer to choose Organic flours first after that spices to begin with as flours are Bottom foods that are consumed in larger variety as compared to spices which are Element foods, used in lower quantity. Also base food have a more substantial reach and therefore are considered essential as compared to ingredient foods.

Segmentation: Name of Product: Possible client needs: Organic Foods – Flours – Base Food Basic Hunger need: Foundation Food Security need: Safe/No Harmful Chemical substances / Clean Sub market: Determining factors: Consumer Features Emotional want: Healthy Yummy and Nutritious Pure as well as Unadulterated Excessive Fibre articles Non Wrecking / Environment Friendly Base Foodstuff: Flour Health & Nutrition B2B – Health Meals Restaurants Health & nutrition value Availability Awareness Calorie / Nutrition info Kids Health conscious Mothers Earning associates of friends and family Elders in family with special wellness needs. Further more Segmentation Geographic – Local area – A category cities Demographic – Cash flow – High income group families Age / Job – Children: 3-15 yrs / College students Earning users of family: 25 – 60 years /Professionals Parents: 60 yrs + / Retired Psychographic – Fitness and health conscious With special wellness needs – like Nourishment, BP, Diabetes, Tension, Overweight etc Ethnical shifts: life-style, leisure Concentrate on chosen: Customer: Mother – working / homemaker Buyer: Children Can first focus on Children Wellness needs, after that at afterwards stages of acceptance can easily cover all the other areas of customers and also expose more catalog and versions as talked about earlier.

Position: Positioning simply by Benefits: Basis is the gain consumer gets in using the product, Product Promise PLACEMENT STATEMENT: THIS CAN BE A ORGANIC FLOUR, BETTER THAN THE REGULAR NON ORGANIC AND NATURAL FLOURS SINCE IT IS HARMFUL CHEMICAL SUBSTANCE FREE AND SO MORE HEALTHY AND NUTRITIOUS INTENDED FOR GROWING KIDS The company is going to talk about the Farm to Fork principle – for instance from unpolluted Creation to Consumption Anything is Organic and natural, in the purest form. There exists nothing manufactured about it For any.

Healthier India Will inform existing consumers, create awareness wrt OK of Organic and natural Foods through all feasible areas of Media like TELEVISION, Print, Available promotions, Outdoor, Sampling, Demonstrations, Direct mailers, Schools details sessions, Nutrition talks as well as classes, School Canteens, Overall health food stores, Health foodstuff restaurants, Exercise areas, General public chat rooms, on the net etc Queen. 1(b) Based on the above question’s answer – Assume that the organic food category is in the introduction stage of PLC, accordingly what would be the key marketing decisions at this stage? Will you expect the adoption level to be quickly or slow?

Justify. Significant marketing decisions at this launch phase of PLC While discussed above in the General Understanding of the Case, 3 C’s Scenario and Analysis Of Complete Marketing Environment as well as the Product STP FOREX, initially mass market the merchandise through existing Intensive syndication network. This stage will see more of Item information through Promotional advertisments to increase General public awareness, that will then Stimulate demand.

The later growth & maturity stages of PLC will discover more of Company Promotion and Market segmentation ( also see previously mentioned ) Product chosen – Base foodstuff – flour, can proceed to whole grain organic bread as well as biscuits as well as pasta Likewise later Organic ingredient foods like spices or herbs, condiments Expand in the area of Organic and natural pulses, fruit and vegetables, fruits, fruit drinks & preserves. Price – Premium / atleast twenty percent above usual non organic foods Place – Modern day trade / also Overall health food Eating places tie up just like Subway and so on which will specifically use each of our organic flours for their wheat grains & multiple grain bread. Promotion – In store education, available activation to teach consumer.

Mass media like TV, Print, On hand promotions, Outdoor, Sampling, Demos, Direct mailers, Schools details sessions, Nourishment talks / classes, Institution Canteens, Wellness food retailers, Health meals restaurants, Workout areas, Open public chat rooms, online etc First Adoption rate will be slower. But with suffered awareness will wait for the tipping point in our favour. While new product category, greater awareness is required There may be already a Movement to natural food from man made / chemical substance based foods: Beverages – Aerated drinks to state of mind, Tropicana, Genuine, no additives – LMN, Neebooz, Lemonez, Green tea.

Bottom foods – white to brown – whole grain, multigrain breads, flour Cosmetics – study says 66% of what we apply is assimilated by human body – damaging chemicals and so forth, Hence push towards organic & secure products eg Body Store, Biotique and many others Organic market small now but Quantity to come from growing craze of Overall health & Environment conscious advertisments and supporters who will consequently be significant influencers in ordering decisions of individuals. Market can grow and prosper – by creating new industry for secure, healthy, and environmentally friendly Organic Foods. As well as this the corporation will keep credibility and constantly increase quality and offerings to fit customer requirements and hence aspire to create a big brand with loyal consumers over a endured period of time.

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