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Within this work, all of us experienced the right way to manage the relationships inside our work group in order to be useful. Trust and collaboration had been the prerequisites for the formation of this team. We deemed this bachelor thesis since an ongoing method, where each of the parts of the paper have been completely rewritten often times. This function enables us to find marketing from a new point of view, more complex, probably closer to the truth of businesses.

We would like to thank the managers from L’OrГ©al, Edouard LaclaviГЁre, Valentin Guillois, the manager found in Honk Hong, Ivan Coste-ManiГЁre, Iku, Aico, Mayumi, Ying, Sun-Young, Ahra and Katrin that committed time to answer to our concerns. We are pleased to all these types of persons as they made the writing of this thesis likely. We would like to thank our tutor, Christine Lundberg that helped us finding the way with this process by giving us with good advice.

We would like to say thanks to also Jessica Thuriot and Isabelle Petit, from IPAG, Nice, who answered coming from France to our emails and helped us in our studies orienting us to the right websites and also to the right persons. Emilie, Lauranne and Tytti Introduction: Today, firms have grown to be more and more global. However , will be consumers turning out to be global also? Therefore , the challenge for the firms is made up in determining if they must adapt many or if perhaps they should consider the consumers as being global, and keep their very own product standard.

The purpose of this paper is usually to investigate version strategy in South Korea, Japan and People’s Republic of China (PRC) for make-up companies its campaign considering the effect of tradition on the consumer behaviour. This is certainly studied discussing the Western european market. L’OrГ©al Paris can be used as an example to illustrate the analysis. Methodology: This kind of study can be described as case study about L’OrГ©al Paris, france.

To perform it, we all chose to use qualitative interviews and doc analysis. Different varieties of interviews have been completely done in order to know more about the corporation adaptation approach, the tradition and the client behaviour in Asia. Drafted sources since external paperwork from L’OrГ©al Paris, websites, press articles, scientific articles and materials have been used to complete the primary data.

Theoretical framework: Culture is a system of meanings distributed by members of a group. It is an important part of advertising because it impacts the consumers’ wants and desires and because it impacts for the interpretations of products’ communication. This illustrates that the culture impacts customer behaviour.

The study of the consumer behavior conducts firms to modify their products features, their the labels, their symbolic attributes, their service features and their promo. Empirical info: The scientific data comes from various resources. We evaluated three managers from L’OrГ©al Paris and as well girls from your following nationalities: three Japanese people girls, one particular Chinese lady and two Korean girls.

We also interviewed an experienced professional of cosmetic makeup products. All these selection interviews were done in order to solution our goals. The selection interviews with the Oriental girls current specialist of cosmetics were conducted in order to collect data on the traditions and on the consumer behaviour. The interviews while using managers of L’OrГ©al Paris, france were done in order to accumulate data on the adaptation and standardization strategies on the analyzed markets.

Analysis: Cultural aspects impact indirectly on the consumer behaviour. The culture selection creates the buyer behaviour selection as it can be noticed in South Korea, Japan and PRC where culture plus the behaviours are extremely different than in Europe. L’OrГ©al Paris is attempting to know more regarding these consumer behavior differences in in an attempt to answer the consumers’ needs and to adapt its products and promotion strategy. Conclusion: L’OrГ©al Paris can be adapting a lot of elements of the product range and its particular promotion.

The three countries analyzed are very diverse culturally speaking. However , the adaptations on products and promo made by L’OrГ©al Paris do not take fully into account these cultural and consumer behaviour differences. Moreover, many campaign and goods aspects will be standardized. As a result, the L’OrГ©al Paris variation strategy inside the Asian sector is a combine between standardization and variation.

In its version strategy, the firm views some components of the consumer actions therefore from the culture. To summarize, the social differences may influence the make-up products and promotion variation strategy.

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