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The first address on background taking which i had attended was carried out by Dr Yambao. It was an introductory lecture understand the basis of taking background from the individuals and the effective skills means come out with a whole history of sufferers in order to discover one’s disease. It was an interesting lecture to my opinion but far more interesting after i entered the clinical skill learning program (CSL). In CSL classes, I had obtained the idea and illustrations about how history acquiring is done by making use of Dr Minutes Zaw Aung, my facilitator for CSL Module.

After handful of classes on CSL, including history taking on presenting illness, past medical, surgical, family and social background as well as record taking in paediatrics and women, I had better identified myself along the way and methods. However , this wasn’t that easy as I thought to carry out the taking myself. Dr Minutes Zaw Aung had educated me very well in doing the history taking.

Me and my CSL group members was given circumstances and utilized on history taking between ourselves with Dr Min Zaw Aung’s guidance. After that, comes the session wherever I had to complete the real record taking, while using real affected person at the Kepala Batas Medical center near the campus.

I was excited at the beginning as I would be able to observe real sufferers and speak with them. At the hospital, I used to be assigned a task on record taking in the women’s ward together with my personal team-mates. After that working day, I started to be very anxious as I thought that all I wasn’t prepared to the actual history taking with them. Dr Minutes Zaw Aung had divided the group in pairs and each pair had to take those history from a single of the sufferer in the ward.

The patient which i got was a Malay girl aged 43 years old with diabetes and a wound on her proper toe. The lady was so friendly and she had given an excellent cooperation in order that I and my friend can easily conduct the taking perfectly. At first, I had been worried which i will bother the patient when she is having her rest but then, I realize, I had to get this done as this is significant inmy procedure for learning in becoming a very good doctor in the future.

At first, there were applied the abilities that were taught by our facilitator. To begin with, we put the patient comfy and convenience. My friend and I did a brief history taking and noted exactly what we have to learn about her disease so that, we could better detect her. The questions pertaining to patients’ symptoms and chief issue were being asked; including history of presenting illness, history of previous medical and medical history and medication , diet history, genealogy and sociable history. During the processes, I actually realized that there were to be very careful in phrasing our concerns, give very good verbal and nonverbal cues, differentiate shut down and available ended concerns and ask relevant questions systemically. This is to make certain the patient didn’t feel disturbed or furious and more pleased to give details.

It turned out that, the patient I had met was really a type one particular diabetic affected person since she was 31 years old and she handed down the disease via both her parent. Her injured correct toe was swollen and worsens following her initial meeting with the doctor. The injury is healing very slowly and that caused bacterial infections which consequently made her feverish. Therefore , she was diagnosed with disease on right toe associated with fever which in turn worsens by simply her diabetes.

After the record taking was done, we had to present the truth to our facilitator, Dr Minutes Zaw Aung. We did the presentation well but nonetheless, there were a lot of mistakes that people had manufactured. Dr Min Zaw Aung had helped us in correcting the mistakes and came out with the ideal diagnosis. This individual also gave us info regarding each of our case and explained additional about it so that I and my friend understand it better and learn from our mistakes.

So , I had finished the CSL session for this semester. I had learned so many things in the classes and classes with the lecturer especially upon history choosing. The experiences that I gained are an exposure to myself of the medical world before I i am able to be in it. Everything is so important in pursuing my medical years because training in learning to be a good doctor to hundreds and in factmillions of individual s i will show up at and help later on.


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