Promote Equality Essay

Showcase Equality, Range and Introduction in Work with Children and Young People 1 . 1 Identify the current laws and codes of practice relevant to the promotion of equality and valuing of diversity The current codes of practice highly relevant to the promo of equality and valuing of variety are the following: – Every single Child Concerns 2003 and Children Take action 2004 current in 2010 Help Children Obtain More Organisations and agencies included in children between birth and 19 years should assure children harmless, Healthy, Appreciate and Attain, Economic well-being and Positive contribution. Equal rights Act 2010 Anti-discrimination legislation.

To strengthen inclusion of any kid regardless of disability or contest. SEN code of Practice 2001- The Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001. Heightened the rights of parents and SEN kids to a main stream education.

Human Privileges Act 1998 Outlined the theory that all human beings have the same legal rights and should always be treated equally. UN Tradition on the Rights of the Child 1989 prospects on from the Human Privileges Act and sets out the rights of children being treated equally and pretty and without discrimination.

1 . 2 Explain the importance of promoting the legal rights of all kids and teenagers to participation and equal rights of can get on is important to advertise the privileges of all kids and youngsters to engagement and equal rights of gain access to for the reason why of: – A. Human being Rights 1 ) 3 Explain the importance and benefits of valuing and marketing cultural variety in work with children and young people The advantages of valuing and promoting ethnical diversity happen to be that kids will grow up in an environment which principles cultural selection and means that we can00 learn from the other person. Children will likely become used to finding out regarding other cultures and beliefs from an early age.

In this manner they will not increase up thinking that their own lifestyle is the same as everyone else’s. Kids from almost all backgrounds need to learn that all their culture and status is usually valued to help these groups feel resolved and protected. This after that contributes to their very own being able to study.

If that they feel isolated or troubled, it is more probable that learning will be difficult for them.

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