Should University Education Be Made Compulsory? Essay

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  • Published: 12.27.19
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Tournaments exist in every single modern metropolis. It is of no doubt that you will have a better working environment if you have a university level. Those, who have are only graduated from high-schools, are more likely to be used as commercial workers as well as to be using manual jobs. That is the way the real world works.

If the govt forces all high-school graduates to go to university or college, inequality can now be caused towards the ones who may have the real capacity to enter school. Therefore , university or college education really should not be compulsory for all students. Its not all student is usually eager to head to university as being a students lack the learning incentive and are more interested in earning money by going to job. Extra burden is put on their shoulder blades because they cannot have the interests and ability in learning.

Besides, the government needs to access enormous assets to supply financial financial assistance to all poor students who also cannot afford the expensive college or university tuition charges in Hk. Of course , many people want to study for university. Producing university education compulsory seems to be a good idea. However , that is not accurate. If all people get a college or university degree and work in your workplace, then that will work for the industries or restaurants?

The society might be messed up. The only solution is always to raise the task requirement because everyone keeps a school degree. Because of this, only the ones who happen to be graduated coming from overseas universities, have a master level, or even have got a doctor degree can work within an office. Nonetheless it does not seem sensible at all.

Really does that mean that those who have the talent and potential and they are graduated by local universities do not ought to have to get a better job. Actually making school education compulsory is a waste of time and money. As we know, not every students are able to enter university. The educational institutions may have to adjust the entry requirement to cater for the needs coming from all students in Hong Kong. After that, a college or university degree no more represents a high standard of education.

It seems like to be a daily news near the feet that everyone can easily get it. It really is useless. In summary, making school education required is certainly not fair to all students as different pupils are good at different fields. Going to university or college is not really the only choice. More importantly, each of our society requires a balanced amount of blue-tie workers and while-tie employees.

Although it is definitely cruel to many students, that may be how the globe works.

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