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Ethnocentrism refers to people’s habit of applying selfness in daily life activities by taking into consideration themselves just than others, pulling toward themselves and thus make every judgments depending on their own beliefs, feelings, suggestions, ideals, practices and ethnical practices. Costly aspect that brings concerns of bias, hatred, racial and stereotypic practices. On the other hand, it strengthens and keeps belief constructions and behaviours as well as creating rationale take great pride in. It also makes personal volunteering spirit pertaining to one’s group or contemporary society aimed at communautaire benefits.

The mostly understood effect of ethnocentrism is that it creates negative effects especially when it comes to interaction and understanding one another. This is because people from different nationalities have different thoughts and awareness when it comes to several issues anytime such as cultural, political or perhaps social issues. It is therefore challenging for people to succeed in a opinion as everyone considers them right, thus misperceptions and misunderstandings (Felix, 2004). w. Explain the difference between individual cultures and collectivist ethnicities and your personal experiences with culture surprise.

Hofstede compared ethnocentrism American and American indian college students and came up with two major factors which typically deepened American’s student’s socio-cultural conformity. Among the aspects was individualistic traditions, where a culture is produced to benefit oneself much more than others so when it comes to a bunch; its people are considered a lot more than non associates. The different aspect was power length dimension which mainly dedicated to societal equality and inequality. This is the perspective that high powered people are eligible for more benefits than the low powered.

In respect to his research these two elements made America score 91% and India 48% of ethnocentrism in students. Collectivist culture is a culture by which benefit to all is the rule. It does apply in countries or world where people value mutualism by caring for one another (Violet, 2001).

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