Social media negative impact on teenagers Essay

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A number of social media screen a ‘bad boy’ image which contains addiction to drug abuse (drugs and alcohol), violence, emphasis on high-class material belongings and deficiency of moral beliefs. It is this ‘bad boy’ image that severely influences the thoughts of teens. It is very common to find a video of a celebrity portraying a personality that is addicted to substance abuse.

For example, Youtube is stuffed with plenty of music videos, movies pictures that display celebrities with numerous habits to substance abuse. Examples of these kinds of celebrities incorporate, Nicolas Crate (alcohol addict) in the movie Leaving Las Vegas and Leonardo DiCaprio (drug addict) inside the movie The Basketball Diaries. When a celeb plays a fictional role of the addict, many teenagers grab the craving. Teenagers are likely to think that this kind of types of addictions are ‘cool’ because their icons participate in such harmful habits.

In addition , social websites portray a lot of assault that amuse teenagers. As an example, cp24. com shows videos and pictures of gangsters and thieves shedding blood of innocent persons. In these kinds of situations, causes are often noticed settling challenges through physical violence rather than through peace.

Teenagers pick up on this depiction of brutality and think that it is better to solve a conflict through violence to achieve a popular photo in world. Also, social networking is positively engaged in promoting exquisite materialistic goods. As an example, Facebook exhibits many pictures of celebs endorsing high-priced products. Examples of such endorsements include Michael jordan Schumacher (Ferrari, Lamborghini) and Jessica Simpson (Gucci, Prada).

Teenagers that look up to their particular icons come to the conclusion that to be popular one must get such deluxe goods. Additionally, social media areas a great emphasis on acting immorally. For example , etonline. com displays real life circumstances of superstars lying, taking, and getting involved in scandalous affairs.

Teenagers are usually taken in to believing that such irresponsible acts happen to be normal and expected to always be followed. Hence, it is pretty evident that social media takes on a vital role in exerting a powerful negative affect on young adults.

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