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Leon’s furniture is ranked number two hundred and ten on the globe and mail’s report upon business leading 1000, making a profit of $56, 666. The focus of this report will be on the budget of Leon’s furniture.

For almost any business, the financial position with the company will probably be viewed by both external and internal users and stakeholders because it shows just how well the business enterprise is doing financially. The net salary of the business will impact the financial position in the business since based on the money or damage incurred, it will eventually define in case the business is prosperous or not. Moreover, investors will be enthusiastic about the economical statements mainly because it determines the income per talk about. The 1st article can be “Leon’s EPS falls 18. 8% in Q2” which in turn reports regarding the financial situation of Leon’s and quickly explained what causes the show up.

Judging through the title of the article, it is obvious that it may impact Leon’s furniture within a negative vogue. Sales happen to be decreased via $11. two million to $9 million between 2011 and 2012 (Knell). This suggests that net income and earnings per reveal has dropped significantly. It is reported the decrease in product sales is due to the continuation of waning customer confidence, decline in housing starts, and extended high client debt (Knell). Customer assurance plays an excellent part the moment customers are debating upon whether they should certainly purchase the furniture or not really.

Since the world is still coping with the financial crisis years ago, the larger unemployment prices and lower GDPs will create less consumer confidence each time a decision should be made. Consequently, they are more unlikely to purchase the merchandise. The start of a decrease in casing means that much less houses happen to be being developed compared to before. Moreover, fewer new home owners will shop at pieces of furniture stores just like Leon’s home furniture. In addition , excessive consumer debt nowadays is another reason why there’s a reduction in customer spending. “Also, impacting on probability in q2 were advertising expenses. ” (Knell) Seeing that Leon’s had been opening new stores, the occupancy costs are improved by $1.

2 million. These boosts and decreases in numbers will ultimately decrease the sales amount and result in a decrease in net gain. “Leon’s making decline 15% in third quarter” is another article that reports a poor impact relating to their budget. Similar to the earnings declined in q2, the third one fourth of the year is still a challenging period pertaining to Leon’s. That they claim that this is due to the increase in working costs industry of toned sales progress (Knell).

The newly renovated stores in Sault. Ste. Marie and Sudbury, Ontario are opened in the third quarter of 2012 and may further increase the operating expense. Financially, therefore Leon’s is continuing to expand and opening new store and increasing its operating expenses, but the marketplace is only providing them will a flat progress rate of sales.

If the sales volume remains unrevised and working costs is escalating, the amount of the bucks earned will certainly logically learn to decrease. “The company explained its development margin chop down 1 . a few points to forty. 9% due to the fact a weakening Canadian dollars hiked the price tag on imported product” (Knell). Because of this more Canadian dollars happen to be needed to get the foreign goods that employed less Canadian dollars to get years ago. This effects the financial position because more resources are used to importance foreign products.

Lastly, the next article is referred to as “Leon’s to buy The Brick”. As the title suggests Leon’s will buyout The Packet and will merge the two companies in one. This could have the two positive and negative affects for Leon’s financially. “The transaction, highly valued at about C$700 million, is expected to close in the 1st quarter. ” (Knell) This is considered a poor impact intended for the company financially since a significant amount of money is needed for the buyout. Using large amount of money to buy out The Brick can impact several things.

The asset can decrease (if they borough money coming from banks, it can increase their liabilities and they need to pay for the interest) and in addition effect the asset-liability proportion, making the business owe a lot more than they own. In addition , the executive leader of The Packet is expected to join Leon’s board of directors (Knell). Like any different new co workers that come for the company, they may encounter disputes or disagreements. However , if both companies work together within a positive method, they may generate more net income combined. Hence, this will convert the negative into a positive impact for both companies. “Leon’s corporate and franchise stores had combined sales of C$879. six million and The Brick had corporate and franchise revenue of C1.

54 billion” (Knell). This shows that the sales volume of The Packet is actually more than its fresh owner, Leon’s. This can effect Leon’s in a positive way because the revenue from The Brick will be added onto their own earnings since they are now a merged company. The main thing to consider is that ordering out The Packet, Leon’s will have one significantly less competitor in the furniture industry.

All of the above will result in increase in total revenue and net income intended for Leon’s household furniture. Since My spouse and i am currently studying Accounting and Finance at Seneca College, I think that my own future profession in accounting can help Leon’s keep track of their very own transactions and create exact and trustworthy financial transactions. These statements displays all the inflow and outflow of capitals going in and out of the firm.

By looking at the financial claims, I can then analyze means make the firm more lucrative using the accounting skills which i am learning at institution.

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