Ottoman Empire Study Guide Essay

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Devshirme: Every 2 years possibly even, young Christians were used and trained and transformed into Islam. They might either become janissaries (foot soldiers) although ones with “intellectual promise” went to work inside the government. Various became highly effective.

Some had been slaves? For the reason that enslavement in the Muslims has not been allowed. The energy was NOT hereditary (like the Chinese). Hence the sultan surrounded himself with individuals who would not have families. Millet Program: Each religion had their own leader Selim the Sot: Successor of Suleyman.

Fall of Ottomans: Inflation, developed an atmosphere of bribery and data corruption. Not able to spend Janissaries so they did not have complete power. Army started to be less successful.

Sultans stopped training all their sons to rule thus they started to be terrible rulers. So power went to the Janissaries and became a genetic thing. Disposition soon began to be ruled by the military.

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