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This kind of quote demonstrates that Christ is actually a warrior in battle, which is an Anglo-Saxon concept, however in this composition it is designed to show strength.

In Beowulf, Beowulf is actually a warrior his job is always to protect people from danger. He was able to protect the Danes and Hrothgar coming from danger by simply killing Grendal and Grendal’s mother, nevertheless he was older he continue to able to shield his kingdom from the dragon, but it costs his your life. Both Beowulf and The Desire the Rood poems, helps bring about courage and describe the right of sacrificing oneself just to save others, which is prevalent in Christianity. In Beowulf, the narrator identifies how Beowulf courageously fought Grendal, Grendal’s mother, as well as the dragon.

Beowulf fights Grendal while he’s young. He courageously arguements Grendal with no sword. This individual rips off Grendal’s arm in Hrothgar’s mead area, Heorot. Later on Beowulf battles Grendal’s mother in her cave underneath the swampy lake.

Beowulf brings a sword, Hruting, which usually he took out from his friend, Unfeth, but he is unsuccessful. Then simply Beowulf miraculously finds a magical big sword in the underwater give and uses it to kill Grendal’s mother. In Beowulf the older, better Beowulf fought the dragon in order to safeguard his persons. Beowulf comes fully armed and comes with an army to help him. Beowulf fights the dragon together with his sword Naeling, which is inadequate against the dragon.

The dragon morally pains Beowulf and with Wiglaf’s help the dragon is slain. In The Think of the Rood, Christ shows courage simply by climbing after the combination and understanding his destiny. In Christianity, they believe inside the willingness to state and do the ideal thing no matter the cost, which can be defined as courage. According to the Christian Bible, Christ sacrificed him self to save all of us from our sins. The Imagine the Rood tells the Christian Biblical story to demonstrate Christ’s valor.

In the story it says, “many foes fastened me there. I could see the Lord of Mankind accelerate with these kinds of courage to climb upon me. ” (Pg. 127) This offer shows that Christ is a brave hero in the poem. A courageous main character has power in the face of pain or tremendous grief.

Both Beowulf and The Desire the Rood poems, illustrate judgment and consequences intended for one’s activities. In Beowulf, Wigluf says ” You shall don’t have any joy in the homeland you adore. Your farms shall be lose, and each person fare by itself and landless when international lands learn of your trip, your failure of faith. Better to die than dwell in disgrace. ” (Pg. 86) Wigluf speaks to the earls and other players for not being loyal to Beowulf.

Simply Wigluf supported Beowulf in his last fight. After Beowulf’s death, Wigluf speaks of feuds and strife after Beowulf’s loss of life, because the Swedes are preventing with the Geats. In The Think of the Rood, the cross describes the Apocalypse, which is the cataclysmic destruction of the world, followed by resurrection of the useless, and common sense day.

Beowulf and Desire the Rood were Anglo-Saxon heroic poems. Both Beowulf and The Think of the Rood have the Christian ideals of generosity, humbleness, courage, compromising oneself in order to save others, view, and having consequences for one’s actions. Similarly, The two Beowulf and The Dream of the Rood have Anglo-Saxon suitable of a soldier in battle.

Beowulf and Dream of the Rood had been preserved, for the reason that Anglo-Saxon philosophy congruent with Christian values.

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