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MAIN CHARACTER TYPES (a very clear, concise explanation of each): Christian is the main character, he has a straightforward personality. This individual represents just one single aspect of your experience: the search for faith based truth.

He is his beliefs (hence the name) his motivation, the search for salvation in the divino city, may be the one aspect that clearly defines him. Apollyon is the antagonist, he includes a physical anomaly that shows his evil. Apollyon is actually a hybrid getting, part dragon, bear, human being, and fish, the air connected with his wings, the fire related to dragons plus the earth that bears live on.

These blend convey his immense electrical power, suggesting that he draws power via all parts in the universe, his nature can be complex, the exact opposite of Christians severe simplicity. SLIGHT CHARACTERS (a clear, to the point description of each): Evangelist- the messenger carrying the gospel, or perhaps the word of Christ, to Christian this individual spurs Christian on his quest to the celestial city. Obstinate- a neighbors of Christian in the city of destruction who have refuses to accompany him. Pliable- A neighbor if Christian believers who occurs with him for a while. After dropping though the slough of Despond, Pliable is discouraging and returns residence, only to always be mocked by the townsfolk.

Help- Fellow pilgrim who helps pull Christian from the Slough of Despond. Worldly Wiseman- A reasonable and practical gentleman whom Christian encounters early in his trip Worldly Wiseman tries unsuccessfully to urge Christian to stop his faith based foolishness and live a content high-end life. Formalist- A traveler whom Christian meets along the wall of Salvation. With his hypocrisy, Formalist sneaks in the wall, instead of following the directly and thin as Christian did.

Hypocrisy- Formalist’s travelling companion Discretion- One of the four mistresses from the Palace Beautiful. Discretion requires Christian and feeds him. Piety- one of many four mistresses of the structure Beautiful. Piety asks Christian about his journey until now.

Prudence- One of many four mistresses of the Palace Beautiful. Discretion tries to figure out Christian’s goal in planing a trip to Mount Zion Charity- One of the four mistresses of the building Beautiful. Charitable organisation asks Christian why he did not deliver his relatives, which causes him to leak.

The Interpreter- Spiritual guidebook who pet shelters Christian. The Interpreter teaches Christian in the art of reading spiritual meanings hidden in everyday items and incidents, which this individual houses in the Significant Areas. Shining Ones- Three puro creatures who clothe Christian with the new garments and give him the certificate.

The Shining Ones act as guardians throughout Christians journey. Faithful-Fellow pilgrim from Christian’s hometown who reports on the town they both left behind. Loyal loyally occurs with Christian until he is executed in the area of Pride for the crime of disrespecting local Satan- worshiping religion. Talkative- Fellow pilgrim who travelling alongside Christian and dedicated for a while.

Talkative is spurned by Christian and faithful for a while. Buzzin is spurned by Christian for valuing spiritual phrases over religious deeds. Mister. By-ends- A person of religion for private ends and social earnings. Mr.

By-ends accompanies Christian briefly following Christian escapes from vanity. Hopeful-Pilgrim whom replaces Dedicated as Christian’s travel companion and companion after going out of Vanity, to Celestial town. Hopeful saves Christian’s life in the riv before the entrances to attach Zion Big Despair- Learn of the questioning castle. Large Despair imprisons Hopeful and Christian to get trespassing on his domain and is also later murdered by Great-Heart and Christian’s sons.

Diffidence- Giant Despair’s wife. The lady encourages the cruel punishment of Hopeful and Christians inside the Doubting Fort. Demas- Gentlemanly figure whom tries to attract Christian and Hopeful with silver and dreams of wealth. Temporary- A would-be pilgrim whom Christian speaks of in a cautionary way, alert of Temporary’s backsliding ahead of his psychic progress was complete.

MAIN SETTING(S) (a clear, exact description of each): You cannot find any main setting; the story occurs in several places. 1 PARAGRAPH PLOT OUTLINE: Beliefs, Hope, Mercy, Envy, Ignorance, Guilt: They are not abstract concepts, however the names of vividly dreamed of, sharply draw human character types encountered by simply Christian, the hero of The Pilgrim’s Progress. In Christians search for salvation, each step in the process becomes a remarkable rendering of the inner condition of the human psyche.

Because Christian travels from The wilderness of the world for the glory of the Celestial City, he confronts a seemingly endless variety of temptations, threats, and problems, including the almost irresistible appeal of material attractiveness at Counter Fair; the crushing psychological burden of depressive disorder and hopelessness in the Slough of Despond; and the dread and uncertainty that feeds on away for faith in the Doubting Castle. TWO OR THREE SYMBOLS (explain sources and importance): City of Destruction- the city symbolizes the entire world as it is, with all of its sins, decadence, and heartaches, no one living there may have any kind of hope of salvation. Interpreter- a character as a symbol of the Ay Spirit.

ONE OR TWO SENTENCES UPON DOMINANT STYLES (State the theme properly, e. g, Love is usually blind. NOT the theme is around love. What about that? BS.

Find Lit Publication, p1187): The road to spiritual salvation is one packed with many hurdles. STYLE ANALYSIS- CITE CASES AND EXAMINE THE EFFECT: The design Analysis area of your short form has to be ONE Web page. Use bullet points-NOT story format- like ur Story Notes Sole Spaced- yet otherwise MLA format a single inch margins N Elizabeth Tabs s/b 1 . 5 Use Bullet Points NOT story format FOUR SHORT (memorable ESTIMATES TYPICAL WITH THE WORK include speaker and celebration. 1 . quote Here is a mired sinner. I come from the Associated with Destruction, nevertheless am going to Attach Zion, that I may be shipped from Wrath to arrive; I would consequently , sir, since I are informed that by this gate is the Approach thither, understand if you are happy to let me in?

Audio Christian Occasion Christian presents himself to the gatekeeper Goodwill, so that he can make it through the door and continue on his quest to salvation. 2 . quote By this I actually perceive thou art among my subject matter; for all that country is definitely mine, and i also am the prince and God than it. How would it be then that thou hast run away by thy california king?

Speaker- Apollyon Occasion Apollyon tries to kidnap Christian and thwart his journey. several. quote. You will use this Short Type to write the analysis essay.

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