Interview of Friar Lawrence and Nurse Essay

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Judge: John Holly Lawrence your dock. Put your hand within the Bible and say after me, My spouse and i swear to tell the truth, whole fact and nothing but the truth.

I actually swear in truth, the whole fact and nothing however the truth. The Jury are now open to question you inquiries, you are bound by the book to keep to the real truth. Jury: That which was you romance with Romeo? I have been an excellent friend of Romeo since that time he was a little boy. He has always trusted myself and this individual told me issues he would not need told to anyone else.

Romeo respected myself and required my tips. I blame myself intended for his loss of life and I am very sorry. Jury: What part would you perform in this tragedy? I attempted my best to unite a couple who were greatly in take pleasure in.

Yes, I did so perform wedding ceremony but I did it in uberrima fides, I under no circumstances knew what atrocities it might bring about. I actually also attempted to help Romeo and Juliet when they were in trouble. After Romeo was exiled We helped arrange his escape to Mantua, for, you comprehend it might be feasible for them to fulfill there.

After i gave Juliet the medicine I thought that I was undertaking the right factor. She was at a mess, your woman couldn’t tell her parents together with my familiarity with herbal remedies My spouse and i supplied her with the design. She would have taken her individual life presently there and then if I had not.

The moment Romeo was dead and Juliet probably would not leave him I abandoned her. I could have saved her lifestyle I know yet I was also cowardly to manage up to my actions. Court: What had been your motives in this tragedy? I wanted to help a very good friend to be happy and preserve the marriage. I suppose My spouse and i also wished that carrying out this titanium wedding bands would help unite both sides using their conflict.

Court: Whose wrong doing do you think the deaths happen to be? I blame myself more than anyone else. My spouse and i played the greatest part, yet , I suppose it would not have occurred if there had not been a large number of smaller issues contributing. For instance , if right now there had hardly ever been a conflict. No person was to understand that it would end in death.

Jury: What component do you think you were to blame for particularly? I used to be responsible for environment in movement a series of activities that lead to wedding, the plans for the meetings and the drugs intended for Juliet. I didn’t preserve Juliet by herself. Judge: John Henry Lawrence you should leave the dock. Bea Falton make sure you mount towards the dock.

Place your hand around the Bible and say following me, I swear to tell the truth, whole fact and nothing however the truth. My spouse and i swear to be truthful, the whole truth and nothing nevertheless the truth. The Jury are now open to ask you concerns, you will be bound by the book to keep to the fact. Jury: That which was your romantic relationship with Juliet?

Well, I used to be almost like an additional mother to her, I was her wet registered nurse you know, the girl born concurrently as my personal daughter Susan who passed away God relax her heart. I have looked after ever since. Juliet was often a very good young lady under no circumstances doing anything naughty. I used to be her closest friend she used to tell me most her secrets but she didn’t tell me her prepare before your woman died. Court: What part did you play in this tragedy?

I knew all the time that Juliet choose to go off and married that Romeo, I actually never understood it would come to this. Romeo was a great young buck as well. This individual wasn’t as good-looking or perhaps as brilliant as Rome though, certainly not, no!

The sole other matter I was linked to was organising Romeo’s night with Juliet, that required a lot of organising that did. Court: What were your purposes in this disaster? All I desired was to observe Juliet have been with a good young man. I actually wouldn’t have already been persuaded to take part in this conspiracy but Juliet begged and begged me personally not to tell his Lordship. Jury: In whose fault do you consider the deaths are?

Not mine and that’s definitely, I always stated that, that Romeo would business lead her up to no good, this individual looked nice all that although he had a look about him. I think Romeo business lead her in it, he often was the awful sort, from a Montague along with all that Jury: What part do you consider you would be to blame for specifically? It wasn’t anything to carry out with me, basically had gone to his Lordship about wedding she’d have got killed very little sure while sure, just like the good Friar said the girl was heading to Assess: Anne Falton, leave the dock.

The Jury will leave to visit a decision. 1 hour later: Verdict: Death by Misadventure.

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