Fremount High School Jonathan Kozol Essay

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Jonathan Kozol is actually a well-known counsel for social injustice and public education. He is a teacher, activist, and writer.

He advocates through his composing. One of his articles was about a High school in a well-recognized city throughout the United States of America. The 8 web page article referring to Fremont High school graduation, Fremont High school is among San Pedro Street and Avalon Chaussee in Southern central La.

In this city, Fremont High school graduation is known as a friendly school, with an 8 hour plan. Jonathan Kozol visited Fremont high through the spring of 2003. A great eight feet high wall with surges on the top, are what distinct Fremont Large from the metropolis. School home windows are protected or boarded from gunfire to keep the students safe.

Several classes are trained in portable ones or storage rooms. Some storage rooms do not have windows and this is the place that the students happen to be being taught. Students at Fremont are given half an hour for lunch time and are all fed together at the same time.

A large number of students don’t even trouble to eat, as a result of limited period they obtain and the circumstances they are in. Rodents work freely in Fremont large. Hamburger buttocks have tipp bite markings and tipp droppings have been completely found throughout the school. For Fremont just one or two bathrooms will be operational in addition to fifteen bath rooms short which might be required by the law. As there only a few restrooms readily available the lines are immensely long, students don’t get to use the bath room at times, and they are usually later for school.

In most cases the facilities are unclean and lacking basic toiletries. Several parts of the high school is lacking in proper venting system for students such air conditioner; students have been known to change red and nauseated. Likewise students who would like certain classes such as the advanced placement training and university courses are not able to get them.

The library is almost always shut down throughout the year. Effectively, two thirds of ninth of grade learners drop out just before receiving a degree or reaching the twelfth level. Ironically, Fremont High School is known as the friendly school of South Central Los Angeles.

However this secondary school shouldn’t always be even considered to be a functional public facility, let alone be open being a learning organization. Imagine not having basic toiletries, not having sufficient time to eat or being taught in small storage area closet devoid of ventilation. I will understand and doesn’t big surprise my why are so many students drop out from Fremont High. It hurts to know what all those students encounter on a daily basis. While I was scanning this article relating to this terrible university, the words sickened me.

It left me sense shocked and wanting to find out more about this college. So I do, I found out that Fremont high sealed at one particular point to get reconstruction a few years after this document and is wide open now. All the things that had a negative effect such circumstances changed and some new curricular courses. My conclusion within the article that Jonathan Kozol wrote discussing Fremont Substantial is that this content was needed to help make an improvement in the education Fremont presented.

The conditions in the school were improved and they are working on strategies to help pupils stay in university and not drop-out. Before the conditions were increased, I could barely believe that a college being in the U. S i9000 could have this sort of terrible conditions and still likely be operational. At the time of this post was written Fremont excessive was a negative school, certainly not in the sense the teachers didn’t care for the students or the college students missed behaved, but in the sense that government needed to provide even more funds to the school to aid the school function properly.

With time the school closed for reconstruction for a few several weeks, and now college students are participating the school right now in enough learning conditions. When people say Jonathan Kozol is a great advocate for public education it’s the truth because with out this article most of the public would have not known about the problems occurring in Fremont High. I think he justifies much more reputation in the issues he truly does to help in prove the training of others.

He’s a great sort of how one person can make a modify for the good of others.

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