Fremont High School Discussion Essay

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  • Published: 09.07.19
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While I could have complained about the lack of a great AP class that I was interested in, I was again told of my luck when Mireya reviewed her involvement in simply seeking “… to take an AP class” (Kozol 645). What was even more unsettling to picture was the way the school’s lack of proper money caused pupils to be pressured into signing up for non-academic classes, such as sewing and hair-dressing II.

Finally, the sadness in that class was delivered to a orgasm when I may both find and feel the “programing” within the students’ thoughts. When Mireya was referring to her unwillingness to take the sewing class, boys named Fortino said, “You’re ghetto… thus we send you o the factory… you’re ghetto – so you sew! ” (Kozol 645). Even though he was almost certainly speaking sarcastically out of his personal frustrations, Fortino’s words minimize deep.

I am aware that there are better and even worse high schools out there than Fremont Senior high school. And yet, studying Kozol’s bank account of the terrible conditions which can be endured by simply these students made me experience more aware about the severity of improper or limited education that poorly funded schools present. All of these problems, alongside my personal awareness of my personal fortunate a lot of education, cause me to feel wonder, just like Mireya would, as to why, “… [students] who need it a lot more get so much less? ” (Kozol 648).

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