Compare Education System Between the United Kingdom and Kurdistan Essay

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One of the most important points intended for the development of contemporary society is education.

Nowadays various countries try to develop the Education by right now there own rules, but this development method is intended pertaining to the System. This technique varies from 1 country towards the other. This essay shows the educational program in Kurdistan and the British, also marking aspects of dissimilarities and commonalities between both these styles system. Main Body: Kurdistan, also known as the Kurdistan Place or Southern Kurdistan, is definitely an autonomous region of northeastern War (1).

It’s still part of Iraq nevertheless they have many variations in Languages, outfits, culture and education program. So evaluating the Kurdistan’s educational program with Uk educational confirmed some similarity and variations in some area. Both English and Kurdish schools are very similar in having state and schools.

As well, students in both countries have to take tests to enter University. Then, Great britain and Kurdistan are similar in this their college start in September and finish in July. Though, in advance major school completes earlier than second and high school graduation in Kurdistan British kids have to enroll in school through the age of a few to 15. On the other hand, Kurdish children attend university from the age 6 to 18.

The school time in Kurdistan and England will vary in that pupil in Kurdistan school time start from Weekend to Thursday night. Whereas, the English college start from Mon to Comes to an end. Kurdish educational institutions have two terms in year; as opposed the British school has a three terms a year.

You will find 2 time shift in Kurdish educational institutions Morning commence 08: 00 to 14: 40am, and evening start off 12: 30 to ’04: 15pm. However , in English language schools there is one switch starts 09: 00 to 03: 30pm. There is no high school graduation level in Britain; in contrast the Kurdish student would go to high school after passing in primary university. Conclusion: Finally, there are many differences between United kingdom educational and Kurdish educational system at school times, university ages, institution days and school levels.

Then some similarities have personal and condition school in both countries, and consider exams to University. Therefore both systems are created being coordinated with the culture of each country.

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